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09 August 2009
Why 'anarchy' is superior to statism
by Kent McManigal
As originally posted: Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner
July 30, 2009

Only anarchists can exist in society without feeling a compulsion to know everyone's business and control it. I can pass people on the street, and whether they are a Nazi, a Republican, or a Communist, it doesn't matter to me as long as they do not attack me or anyone else while I am around. They can have absolutely disgusting authoritarian personal views and "morals", but it doesn't matter as long as they do not act upon them. As an anarchist I understand that the lives of others are none of my business unless they choose to make it my business by initiating force.Therefore, I do not "need" government to control other people. That would require a police escort for each of us, and while it seems this is where things are headed, it is not a good development, nor will it be successful at ending "crime."

I can get along just fine, left to my own devices. I find no reason to attack anyone, or steal from them. If they attack me or steal from me, I have more to fear from the responding enforcers than from the initial attack, especially if I am disobedient enough to solve the problem on my own.

I recognize that no one gets anything from government that wasn't stolen from someone else first. Society is a win/win game. Government upsets this balance and makes one side lose in every interaction. This causes aggravation and frustration and rips society apart at the seams; pitting "givers" against "getters." Then government uses the discord as another justification for its own existence.

Infrastructure and innovation, when attempted by government at all, cost too much and are pathetically anemic substitutes for what could be done without government constraints. Where would we be without government? Probably a few hundred years more advanced, is where. As an example of "government innovation:" Government built already obsolete space shuttles in the 1970s from 1960's technology and didn't get around to flying them until the 1980s. Almost none of the original specifications or expectations were met by even this multi-billion dollar project, but this is how government "works." And these are the people who should be telling the rest of us how to live and prosper? Be warned, you are about to be "given" more government "innovation" than you can survive. "Obamacare" will mean "2009-level medical care"- well into the next century. It is inevitable. So free yourself of the brainwashing. You are a sovereign individual. You are not your neighbor's keeper, nor are you his slave. Your obligations to him begin and end with the obligation to not initiate force. Don't meddle or ask anyone to meddle on your behalf. Accept your responsibilities and live your life. This is a very liberating way of life, yet it must be foreign to the authoritarians since it seems beyond their comprehension.


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