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Champagne anyone?

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Good Day Folks:

The Public Eye the Canadian lawyer we recently outed with evidence beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt (actor Eddie Constantine who starred in the 1965 movie Alphaville as the trenchcoat-wearing secret agent Lemmy Caution) is at it again with another excellent posting.

Clare L. Pieuk

02 August 2009
The Old Boys' Club

Judge to continue presiding over case
by Mike McIntyre
As originally published: Winnipeg Free Press
October 8, 2008

A Manitoba judge won't step down from a high-profile criminal case after some light-hearted small talk with the accused's lawyer triggered fears of a conflict of interest.Provincial court Judge Ken Champagne said Tuesday he's satisfied he can continue presiding over Brock Golden's case despite an off-the-record conversation he had with the man's lawyer, Richard Wolson, last month.

Wolson and Crown attorney Mick Makar had urged Champagne to stay on the case, saying they didn't believe there was a legitimate issue.

Golden, the son of long-time city councillor Al Golden, has admitted he used the Internet to lure teenage girls to a city hotel room to have sex with and take nude photos. The Crown asked for a three-year prison sentence, while Golden is seeking a conditional penalty that allows him to remain free in the community. Champagne reserved his decision following a September 16 sentencing hearing.

Two days later, Champagne and Wolson crossed paths at a conference in Winnipeg. Champagne told court they discussed several things before talk turned to the sentencing hearing. According to Champagne, Wolson said he "wanted to share a story." Wolson then described how one of his client's many supporters in court had been retired provincial court Judge Sam Minuk, a long-time family friend of the Goldens. Wolson told Champagne that Minuk had wanted to submit a letter of support on behalf of Golden, and also address the court and make a verbal submission. Wolson said he had talked Minuk out of it.

"Then, in a joking manner, Mr. Wolson stated, 'So you owe me one. You won't issue a bench warrant for me if I'm stuck in Ottawa," Champagne told court in recalling their conversation.


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