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Sure glad he's not our Member of Parliament what an embarrassment!

The Honourable Steven Fletcher Minister of State ("Democratic Reform") and Member for Charleswood- St. James Assiniboia

Hill Office
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
Telephone: (613) 995-5609
Facsimile: (613) 992-3199
Email: FletcS@parl.gc.ca
Web Site: www.stevenfletcher.com/

Constituency Office
3111 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3K 0W4
Telephone: (204) 984-6432
Facsimile: (204) 984-6451

Good Day Readers:

We make our comments based on the following article which appears in Truth To Power (www.accesstoinfo.blogspot.com) hosted anonymously by The Public Eye (It's Eddie Constantine everybody!) a Canadian practicing attorney.

The story was also reported at the time in the University of Manitoba Students' Union Newspaper (Manitobian), as well as, the Winnipeg Free Press.

If true, not only are the Minister's remarks intemperate and inappropriate but also very ill-advised. Everyone knows the prowess of university students organizating campaigns and boycotts - and many can write really well too. Imagine the impact should the Student Union publicly call upon everyone not to vote for Minister Fletcher in the next election. It could cost him his seat and rightly so.

At the time of Minister Fletcher's alleged diatribe it was reported Winnipeg South Member of Parliament Rod Bruinooge (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, as well as, Federal Interlocutor for Metis and Non-Status Indians) was in attendance. For this reason we've included his Constituency Office on our electronic distribution list for this posting. Our experience on several occasions when we've contacted his Winnipeg Office is a quick, short automatic response is generated telling us how invaluable and important our input is then there's no follow up.
The Nightmare "Rocket" Rod Bruinooge?

Unfortunately, there is no e-mail address displayed on the UMSU website nor one for its President Sid Rashid. Someone will, hopefully, see this and pass it along.

Clare L. Pieuk

04 August 2009
One Arrogant 'Loony' MP" and the Harper Conservatives

Steven Fletcher, one arrogant “loony” MP
by Chuck Duboff
As originally posted on: Tramps Like Us
April 19, 2009

Upon being invited to speak at the University of Manitoba on democratic reform, Steven Fletcher, MP, took it upon himself to berate left-leaning student politicians, The Manitoban and the Canadian Federation of Students. Fletcher referred to The Manitoban as a “socialist rag” and the CFS as “loony.” This quite clearly is a pattern for Mr. Fletcher, as while he was president of UMSU (University of Manitoba Student’s Union); he had The Manitoban shut down because they had the audacity to criticize him.

It would seem that Mr. Fletcher’s idea of democratic reform means that freedom of speech and open minds should not exist. This is very characteristic of regimes which exist in Cuba, China and North Korea. In these totalitarian countries, people’s voices are suppressed and any attempts at personal thoughts result in arrest and prison time.

Should this surprise anyone when Mr. Fletcher is part of a government which sets up trade missions with Colombia and China, countries which demonstrate no respect for human rights?

Mr. Fletcher’s government passes legislation which denies women in Canada the right to appeal pay equity to the Human Rights Commission and threatens fines of up to $50,000 for any union which would defend their members. This from a government which offers hollow apologies to Canada’s Aboriginal population for years of horrible abuse. And Mr. Fletcher’s leader muzzles all his MP’s from speaking up so as to avoid any questioning of government policy!!!!!!!!

Mr. Fletcher, your idea of democratic reform is, quite obviously, to suppress any publication or organization which does not conform to the Conservative mantra. What an embarrassment Mr. Fletcher is to his constituents, our province and our country. It will be a very sad day if Mr. Fletcher’s idea of democratic reform becomes a reality. In fact, it is a very sad day right now that we have an elected official in Canada with such a closed mind.


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Yes, indeed Fletcher is an "embarrassment" to the Commons and his constituency; but lamentably the man who is my MP (Rocket Rod Bruinooge)is even worse... he's a friggin' NIGHTMARE!

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