Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The hallmarks of a democratic society!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "We don't have them - yet!"

"Irrelevant, scandalous and vexatious?"

These are lawyer weasel words. They translate to-Boy do we have something to hide! The questions from the Written Interrogatory should be put to Mr. Park next time he stands for re-election.

Come on Jack ol boy, you don't have any secrets from your Metis constituents - do you?
MMF Plaintiff and Board of Director Jack Park
(Queen's Bench File Registry No. CI 05-01-41955)
Dear Anonymous:

Thank you very much for writing. Democratic societies have three gold standards:

(1) Freedom of speech and expression

(2) A truly independent judiciary

(3) Open, fair and full disclosure elections

Pursuant to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Manitoba Metis Federation ratified by the 37th Annual Assembly September 11, 2005 at ARTICLE X - PRESIDENT Page 6 Item 2:
"The President shall hold for a term, or terms, each of which shall not exceed four years and three months from the date of election, and each of which shall commence from the date such President shall be declared elected by the Chief Electoral Officer and continue until the Chief Electoral Officer shall declare elected in an election pursuant to by-law No. 2 another person elected to the office of President or the vacation of that term under Article IX."
Since the last general vote was held June 29, 2006, according to our calculations the next must be called by current President and Plaintiff David Noble Chartrand no later than September 2010.
Please vote!
Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I never attended the MMF annual assembly, I did hear from attendee's that "There was no announcement of a election" and that " It was not that good of a assembly".

There was talk of claiming government status! As if. For what??? the friendship centres too?

7:00 AM  

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