Friday, September 04, 2009

Please contribute!


No problem, you have my permission. I like your blog and it would be great if you wanted to mention Twestival. Do you want me to write something up that's more formal? Just let me know. Otherwise, thanks again for wanting to spread the word.

Blair Barkley
Website and Social Media Coordinator Siloam Mission
Telephone: (204) 956-4344
Fax: (204) 956-0956
Dear Blair,

Thank you for writing. For the benefit of our readers, on September 12 of this year Siloam Mission is having what could best be described as a new wave fundraiser Twestival involving Twitter users. For more detail and a listing of the co-ordinates of those organizing the event, visit our August 19, 2009 posting, New wave fundraising - please contribute!

Clare L. Pieuk


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