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The Warrior Way!

Daniel invited you to join the Facebook group,"The Warrior Way."

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The Warrior Way
Dear Daniel,

Thank you very much for the invitation. Perhaps the best way we can serve TWW (currently up to 50 members) is by making CyberSmokeBlog an honorary member subject, of course, to the proviso the Group always respects and stays true to its creed. Thus, we'll be able to post worthy causes and events you're supporting/promoting. Let's start with the description.

Clare L. Pieuk

The Warrior Way

A skilled warrior is one who understands that the real war/conflict is not engaged in physical reality with weapons, kicking and fists, rather, in the spirit world first, through prayer and ceremony. To engage in battle opposite of this turth is not the path of wisdom and is contrary to warrior teachings. It is the walking or running against the wind, swimming against the flow or water, it is not balance.

Second, a skilled warrior knows that both physical and spiritual realms are one and the same, the full expression of creator, balance and harmony between the two is an important lesson to consider. One cannot have too much of either but must strive to balance and harmonize with both realms.

The true weapons a warrior uses against an enemy and used first are love, wisdom, humility, truth, honesty, courage, respect. True warriors are always of this certainty. The arsenal will overcome any foe including and especially our greatest foe, EGO.

The most aggressive acts a warrior can do in battle are pray to the enemy. The cleverest action one can take is to maintain balance and harmony in the spirit and physical realms through ceremony, prayer and service, reinforcing every weak point in the community beginning with the student.

Second to this is to never surrender, never give up, and never lose hope. To do so leads to panic and this is a deadly sickness that spreads like a virus from one mind to others. It is a marvel to witness panic spreading in battle.

The first few battles a warrior engages are with themselves. Warriors must have the courage to overcome ego, before engaging against any external enemy, the ego must not be defeated. To defeat ego is futile and not in balance or harmony. The battle with ego is a battle to coexist peacefully with oneself. Peaceful coexistence is a balanced and harmonious warrior!

In sum, we call this process growing up. This includes, leadership, selflessness, discipline and training, altruism or service, self-sacrifice, taking responsibility for ones own actions, deferring immediate gratification, waiting patiently for the best possible outcome in the end, and finally, to THINK! Get educated, so that you can anticipate, plan, organize, comprehending every detail that may be hidden from a waqrrior and the people. This is the Warrior Way!

When a person is able to overcome him or herself, they are ready to serve the people as a fully developed warrior. While service occurs along the way of development, the honour of warrior status is completed and bestowed when their peer and community by order of the Council of Elders deem the person ready. To be a sacred warrior is a great honour!

Location: Winnipeg Manitoba


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