Thursday, October 15, 2009

50 versus 5?

Good Day Readers:
Came upon this excerpt posted quite recently on Like Mr. Sanderson we too are wondering about such a large discrepancy between the number quoted by owner/publisher Arnold Asham and his staff at Grassroots News versus what Frank Godon has been reporting. Hopefully, Mr. Godon will see this and let us know the latest.
Clare L. Pieuk
50 Metis Vets To Juno....Grassroots News Error?
I picked this news item from Grassroots News

".....Therefore, on November 11, 2009, or this coming Remembrance Day, special ceremonies will be held to place a Red River ox cart, Metis sash, music and fiddle in the museum in Normandy. Accompanying that will be a troupe of about 50 Metis veterans, musicians, social, political, economic and cultural leaders.
All of this will cost a lot of money - estimates are that the project could cost $100,000. Thanks to the efforts of the Metis citizens who attended the 2009 MMF AGA, including some very proud grandparents, the MMF is $40,000 closer to their fund-raising goal."
We now know, thanks to Frank Godon who will be attending the ceremony as an aide to his father who is an honored Metis Vet, that the number of Vets is closer to 5 than fifty. Godon
e-mailed Meitis News And Stuff the entire flight itinerary.
The majority of the people who will be attending will be MMF politicos and their wives. The entire list of those attending is in the MN & S archives.


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