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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post, "The one-page screenplay starring David Letterman!"

What is "Joel's" born faith? The same as Dave's wife? All the original reports--before media got hold of his booking data--indicated he was Robert JOE Halderman. Letterman did a pretty smarmy and presumably accurate on-air whining impression of Joel's plaintive personal plea. I saw the impression on You Tube. The cable and broadcast networks are creatively excising Dave's hilarious kvetching impression from their coverage. Rather like the recent Jane Harman and Marc Grossman lack of coverages.
Dear Anonymous:
Thank you for writing. We don't know - readers?
Your comments are well taken. We found it amusing to watch David Letterman on his show seriously trying to explain away his transgressions while the audience thought it was part of a monologue. "I've done some creepy things in my life ....." (laughter, applause) "and have had sex with members of my staff" ..... (more laughter and applause) .....
Wonder if he'll have more satirical comments when another celebrity screws up? Liked the observation offered the other night on Larry King Live by well-known laywer Mark Garrigos, "When I got on the plane all the talk was about Roman Polanski. By the time I got off it was David Letterman.
This story has long legs so expect much more detail to become public in the following days, weeks and months. When Mr. Letterman acknowledged he'd had saff with staff members, how many? Will we learn their identities? Was workplace harassment involved? What about lawsuits? These are some of the questions we'll be reading about in the near future.
We notice Robert Halderman was associated with one of our favorite television series, CBS's 48 Hours Mystery.
Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most interesting info is going to be coming out next week. It will document the kinds of relationships Dave was attempting to initiate with his staffers -- and YES it was him doing the initiating -- and in particular an incident where, shall we say, Davey Boy was a little too aggressive in his affections....

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