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All aboard Air MMF!

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With names?

Going back to France Part II
Written by Krazy
Tuesday, October 6 2009

As mentioned in the previous story I have received some updates as to when we will be leaving and a list of those going with us. We will be departing November 8 in Winnipeg at 15:10 arriving in Toronto at 18:38 leaving Toronto 20:15 and arriving at Charles De Gaul Airport Paris at 09:40 on November 9 - We will leave Paris November 14 at 11:30 and arrive in Toronto at 14:10 leaving Toronto at 15:40 and arriving in Winnipeg at 17:14. So goes the travel arrangements. Now for the list of those traveling to France - Board Members in Blue - MMF employees in Green - Entertainers in Purple and Veterans in Red:

David Chartrand - President MMF (and MNC Metis veterans minister) Glorian Yakiwchuk (wife of President) - Carl Chartrand (Vice President Interlake Region and Board member) - John Park - John Parenteau - Ed Charrier (Board Member Thompson Region) - Muriel Parker (Metis Womens Representative - I think) - Claire Riddle (Board Member Winnipeg Region) - Denise Thomas (Vice President and Board Member Southeast Region) - Joe Edwards - Jean Desrosiers (Board Member Southeast Region) - Edith Desrosiers (Wife of Board Member) - John Fleury (Board Member Southwest Region) - Barb Fleury (Wife of Board Member) - Judith Mayer (Vice President and Board Member The Pas Region) - Kim Stephen (Board Member The Pas Region) - Julyda Lagimodiere - James Fyke - Cindy Miller - Myrna Lavallee - Robert Bruce - Lorna Bruce (veteran and wife) - Francis Godon - Frank Godon (veteran and son) - Chelsea Lavallee - Christie Lavallee - Paige Ricard - Katlyn Ducharme - Evan Ducharme - Justin Ducharme - Sheldon Ducharme - Brandon Lavallee (the previous eight names being the youth stompers) - Wilfred Lavallee - Jason Appleyard (Entertainer - Fiddler) - Eugene Desjarlais - Elbert Chartrand (Vice President and Board Member Northwest Region) - Hector Gaudry - Roland Gaudry - Oliver Boulette - Lora Sanderson - Robert Penwarden Patricia Penwarden (possible veteran and wife - don't know) - Donald Roulette - Paul Desjarlais - and two people not yet confirmed - Dillion Gaudry (fiddler) and George Anderson

Now I'm sure that there are other veterans in this list but I don't recognize the names - only Mr. Bruce and my father. I do however question as to why the Metis National Veteran Association hasn't sent their President with this group (unless one of these names is the new President and I don't know it) as has been done in previous trips to Europe and Korea. If anyone can put a title with a name please let me know.

As always will keep updating as I get the information.

Dear Anonymous:

Thank you very much for writing. We posted Mr. Frank Godon's original article on October 3, 2009 as, "Indeed interesting!"

The Manitoba Metis Federation is taxpayer funded so the question arises will these people (all 47) pay for the cost of the trip out of their own pockets or will public monies be used?
Anyone know the cost of a return flight Winnipeg-Paris plus accommodation, meals, etc. Perhaps it's time to file a request with Canada's Information Commissioner's under the Access To Information Act.
We certainly agree our veterans and their wives have earned and deserve free passage but the others?
Clare L. Pieuk


Blogger Frank Godon said...

Clair - Derryl has commented and updated the position of some of these people - you may want to update your list also - and if you know the position of some of the unknown please feel free to post them.

I have sent a letter to MMF president David Chartrand asking why so many BOD and so few veterans - via his staff of course - I will wait and see if I get an answer or if my father and I get dropped from the list )))))

8:22 AM  
Blogger Frank Godon said...

According to the MMF website ( the money for this trip comes from:

President Chartrand went on to thank Veterans Affairs Canada and the Office of the Federal Interlocutor for Métis for their assistance in making the monument possible and providing resources for Métis Nation veterans and youth to participate in its dedication ceremony: “We are encouraged by this partnership and look forward to continued efforts of turning this truly great vision into a reality for November 2009.”

It clearly states that the funding was put in place so the veterans and youth can "participate in its dedication ceremony"

Maybe the BOD thinks that they are "youth" - other than John Fluery I don't think any of the other BOD's have been in the military to qualify them as veterans!

11:21 AM  
Blogger Frank Godon said...

I forgot to mention the price - at the Air Canada web site the price starts at $1325 for Tango Plus - $1660 for Latitude - $3919 Executive First Lower - and $4767 Executive First Flexible. So if all fly Tango Plus which doesn't give benefits as Latitude does then you are looking at $1325 for everyones tickets - maybe!!! This is the price quoted for the exact flight we are on - same time and connections

11:32 AM  

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