Thursday, October 08, 2009

Juno Beach!

Frank Godon has left a new comment on your post, "Frank Godon the accountant!"

Here is what a reader at MNS has sent Derryl:

The governing members were advised that it costs between $3,500 - $3,900 per person including meals, hotels and travel. So I guess anywhere from $164,500 to $183,300 providing that the Board of Governors are not paying for their own way - watch for a post on DMB once I have spoken with my father concerning his calls to MMF head office.
Dear Frank Godon:
Thank you for writing. Yesterday we passed another milestone for the largest number of daily visitors to the site for which we thank you very much!
Many of our new viewers may not be familiar with Metis politics so we should explain MNS is Metis News And Stuff ( Reference to the Board of Governors relates to the Metis National Council (Ottawa). The $164,500 - $183, 300 amounts presumably are for 47 attendees Mr. Godon listed recently in an article posted on Dust My Broom ( as travelling to Juno Beach for Remembrance Day ceremonies.
We are unable to comment on the validity of the $3,500 - $3,900 figures because we simply do not know if they're accurate.
Clare L. Pieuk


Blogger Frank Godon said...

Finally someone at the MMF has responded to my requests - not David though - and has issued to me this statement as to who is paying for the BOD and spouses. They write:

Just so you know, it is my understanding that almost the entire trip is being paid for through fund-raising, from little kids selling cookies to the auctioning of items at the AGA to socials and benefits happening throughout Manitoba.

Only the veterans receive the appropriated funds set aside for veterans.

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