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The piece has been reproduced in its entirety just in case and has been emphasized in the hope Mr. Godon's wish to have it posted on the Manitoba Metis Federation's website is realized. An interesting read worth the time.
Clare L. Pieuk
Going back to France Part III
Written by Frank Godon
Saturday, 10 October 2009
I am posting this story under my real name - not a pseudonym

It seems that my recent post caused a little bit of a stir in the MMF the past few days with other blogs cross-posting to what I had posted. In this process I made some comments on these other blogs that were based upon little or no information and I should have found out more information before making these comments and I apologize for this. I do, however, want those working at the MMF - those in charge - the "politicians" to understand what this trip means to an 85 year old veteran.

It was mentioned to me that I wasn't in a position to demand anything from the MMF - Mr. President and Board of Directors of the MMF please understand if you can, that as a member of the MMF I can demand any reasonable request I want. The president and Directors are our (the Metis people's) servants - NOT our masters! A true leader is a servant to their people first and leads their people by example. I made an error based on little or no information and I apologize for that but PLEASE show me where on the MMF website - the MNC web site - and any other Metis based web site that it tells us about fund raising to send Metis Board of Directors and veterans to Juno beach! They don't! The only information given is :

President Chartrand went on to thank Veterans Affairs Canada and the Office of the Federal Interlocutor for Métis for their assistance in making the monument possible and providing resources for Métis Nation veterans and youth to participate in its dedication ceremony: "We are encouraged by this partnership and look forward to continued efforts of turning this truly great vision into a reality for November 2009."

This gives the impression of funding coming from VAC and OFIM - and it tells us Metis veterans and youth - has no info about Board of Directorss or other politicians, it doesn't tell the people that the BoD are paying for their own way.

SO should I demand - you're damn right I should demand! Every Metis person in Manitoba should demand! And the president should listen to those demands!

If INFORMATION would have been made available to the people then in my opinion none of this would have happened. If my father would have been given the information when they spoke with him, or if "Cindy" would have answered the questions I emailed her at the MMF then I and my father wouldn't be thinking what we thought and I would never have written what I wrote. The MMF's problems have always been what is said on the blogs but they never use the one source they have to inform people as to their actions - their web site!

If I am wrong - and sometimes I tend to be - then I admit it. But no one tells me that I am not in any position to demand anything from an elected official. The mind set of these people is unbelievable! It is as though they are in a position of power and no one matters but them.

It was mentioned that I should be extremely grateful that David (Chartrand) personally chose my father to represent the Metis veterans and those Metis soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. Not to mention the fact that I was attending as well.

My father SHOULD be grateful to David Chartrand that he was personally chosen by him? David Chartrand and everyone of those Board members need to recalibrate their thinking concerning Veterans! They need to realize that Veterans don't need to be chosen - they have already done their part in keeping our country safe so these little wanna be kings can do what they want under the freedom provided for them by men like my father. David Chartrand and his BoD's and any other politicians tagging along on this journey need to be extremely grateful that my father and the other Veterans will allow such people to accompany them on this trip!

I have never used this card before in my life because I have never felt worthy to be classed in the same class as my father and other Metis Veterans - BUT I am a Metis Veteran and I believe that the President needs to make a statement of gratitude to all Metis Veterans going on this journey and to be grateful that they are allowing him, the BoD's, and any other politician to come with them!

I would like this to be posted on the MMF website!


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