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Metis hunting rights and defamation "expert" Lionel Chartrand!

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Vic Populi thought you may be interested in this! A new bit of Lionel Chartrand news for you.
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Dear Mr. Populi:
Thank you very much for the heads up. Vic Populi (The Public Eye) is Blogmaster of the popular site Truth To Power (www.accesstoinfo.blogspot.com) and is a practicing Canadian lawyer. He can be reached at vicpopuli1@gmail.com.
Legal "expert" Lionel R. Chartrand can be contacted at lionel.chartrand@gov.ab.ca.

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Lakeside streaking stunt leads to arrest
Posted 18 days ago

Some people celebrate a paycheck by going shopping or eating out; Ricky Stephen celebrated by getting drunk and running naked around Coady Lake in Leduc.

Stephen, 19, pleaded guilty to breaching the conditions of his probation at provincial court in Leduc September 10 and said he didn’t mean to cause trouble, he just got carried away.

Court heard on September 3, Leduc RCMP received a complaint of several youths running naked around Coady Lake. When police arrived in the area, they caught up with Stephen walking, fully clothed, on Coady Boulevard.

At the time, he was bound by a probation order not to consume alcohol stemming from a March 16 conviction for possession of property obtained by crime and fleeing police.

Stephen appeared intoxicated and admitted to having consumed alcohol, so officers arrested him and took him back to the detachment, where he provided a breath sample reading .190.

Crown prosecutor Lionel Chartrand (emphasis ours) said the question of sentencing was difficult given the minor nature of the incident compared with Stephen’s lengthy record, which lists 35 convictions since he was 12 years old.

“Any breach of a probation order is serious, but this was not a situation where he was at the high end of the scale of making trouble — he wasn’t maliciously trying to hurt people or damage property,” he said.

Stephen’s father, who was in court to support his son, said Stephen had been doing well on his probation and had recently found employment, but lost his head when he got his first paycheck.

“He just got the job and got a little carried away when he got the money and went drinking,” he said.

Stephen admitted his father had advised him against drinking.

“I kind of went behind his back a little bit,” he said.

Judge N. Mackie called that the “understatement of the year.”

“You also snuck around behind the back of the court and probation and you got caught,” he said.

Mackie sentenced Stephen to a $460 fine — “almost a week’s pay for nothing,” he said.

“Think about that next time you are tempted to breach the order.”


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