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Why is The Public Eye anonymous?

Simone Sanoubane has left a new comment on your post, "Thank you!"

Dear Mr. Clare Pieuk:

You deserve to receive all kind words in the world. God blesses you.

I agree Mr. Vic Populi's unique work in contributing to good causes for society and our people. However, I disapprove of his personal preferrence to remain anonymous probably forever.

I do not say this in a negative point of view but in a very positive one relating to the fact that Vic Populi is a very rare, unique individual like you indicating you both have similar human natural characteristics and attractions.

The world needs people like both of you if possible to make this world a better place. I have been following your blog for quite some time and observe the objectives in your work. I can say with confidence it's a piece of work for a good cause - I mean only "a piece of work." You and Mr. Populi have a lot more to do beyond what the two of you are now doing. There are too few good people in the world versus the large number of problems that need to be resolved.

We encourage Vic Populi to do more but remaining anonymous is not going to be as effective. That's part of the reason why his Comments Sections is full of mysterious remarks. In my opinion, it may have a lot to do with him being anonymous. It's a waste of time things could have been even better than what they are now.

At this stage of my life I have become more conscious about my increasing crisis, yours the rest of people around us and throughout the world. I know something must change, something must be done to create change before these current bad situations evolve into something extremely bad. This is universally true in my opinion. Everything, including all living species and objects are subject to the process of evolution.

Having said that what saddens me are my observations of where we are. For instance, I am trying to understand or make sense out of important aspects of the current economic crisis we are all now facing. For instance, I have noted some attitudes and patterns of thought of people in response to crisis situations. The more I observe, the more I realize we are far from peace, love and loving others as we love ourselves.

God's most valuable simple message for us to follow is as humans it's hard to believe or live by a philosophy involving tough rules required to make this world a better place. Further, we are far from peace because many of us appear either consciously or unconsciously not to have come to terms with the natural laws required to adapt. As humans we must live with the constant process of re-evaluation and accept change in all aspects of our lives if we are to evolve as desirable, peaceful humans.

Dear Ms Sanoubane:

Thank you very much for writing and the kind words. We didn't realize you had a Blog so have noted its address in the hope many of our readers will visit it. You certainly have a very interesting biography. And while we're at it, we appreciate your postings about the Canadian taxpayer financed Manitoba Metis Federation's defamation lawsuit.

Regarding your comments about The Public Eye (Truth To Power;; chosing to remain anonymous, on June 5th of this year we published the answers to 10 questions previously submitted to TPE ("An cxclusive interview with the Public Eye!").

Here's what he said on the subject:

CyberSmokeBlog: Why have yor chosen to remain anonymous?

Mr. Populi: As the blogmaster of Truth to Power, I post, frankly, a lot of dirt about lawyers and judges across Canada and the world, some of whom were and are my colleagues in legal practice. I post newspaper articles, disciplinary and court decisions, and all manner of things that are, well, not flattering to the reputations of these lawyers. I do this without apology because many of the posts which I put up on my blog - particularly the disciplinary decisions - are not otherwise easily available to be accessed by the public.

My justification for posting all of the above is that I believe it's important that Joe Q. Public know the person he is hiring to be their lawyer. If your lawyer were suspended for sexually harassing a client or another lawyer, wouldn't you want to know about it? Unfortunately, disciplinary decisions, if they're posted on the internet at all, are usually posted in such a way as to avoid the reach of internet search engines. This is wrong. It is precisely these decisions that should be the most accessible to the public. To a large extent, that is exactly what I'm trying to achieve with Truth to Power. It is no accident that my domain name is

As for understanding the current economic crisis we think it comes down to one word - greed.


Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous Poli Sci Student said...

At what point does what he's doing cross the line into voyeurism? I understand making the disciplinary records accessible to search engines, but is there all there is to it? I suspect a large part of what he's doing is "STICKIN' IT" to these lawyers: gloating over what's befallen them, and shaming them. Within limits this is alright but we really should think about the larger question. IS what he is doing giving the public the same voyeuristic thrill we used to get from seeing people in the stocks? If so, what he's doing is wrong, and the fact he is posting embarassing photos of them, even if some are metaphorical, makes it worse.

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