Friday, October 16, 2009

Swingers convention - no sex in the swimming pool eh?

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Whenever it's decided to post an article about swingers on the internet there's no difficulty finding Google images. It seems a Holiday Inn in New York state has created a bit of a controversy.
Clare L. Pieuk
Swingers' convention raises Buffalo eyebrows
October 15, 2009
Spectator Wire Services
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The creators of that Holiday Inn slogan probably weren't thinking of an event being held at a Buffalo franchise this weekend.

The Holiday Inn Grand Island is closed to the public for the four-day convention of swingers — couples who swap partners to have sex with someone else’s spouse — that starts Thursday.
News of the swingers’ event has sparked controversy on Grand Island, with some residents expressing concern about possible unsanitary activities and public displays of indecency.

“I believe it’s tantamount to a pay-for-service weekend of immoral and illegal behavior,” said Steve Lamarco, one of two pastors at Whitehaven Road Baptist Church.

In response, town officials say they are not sure they can do anything to block the gathering on private property but they are exploring whether it violates the town zoning code.

However, hotel managers insist that the event is legal and that they have rules to ensure that attendees act safely and appropriately.

“These events go on throughout the area all the time,” said Scott Zeplowitz, the Holiday Inn’s general manager. “We don’t know why this is being made such a big issue.”

The “Entice the Falls” swingers event promises “Four Days of Wicked Temptation” for the hundreds of couples from around the world expected to attend, its Web site says.

The activities range from the sensual to the mundane: workshops on massage techniques and erotic photography; a “hedonistic pool party”; and a euchre tournament.

The convention kicks off with a private preparty tonight and ends Sunday morning.

Managers at the Holiday Inn said they regularly book conferences and other group events.

“We accept any group; as long as it’s legal, you know, we allow it,” Zeplowitz said. “We don’t judge people.”

The 263-room hotel is closed for the event; no one younger than 18 will be allowed inside.

The “Entice the Falls” event will be staffed with off-duty police as well as a security team hired by the organizers.

The hotel will not allow sex to occur in the swimming pool,
(emphasis ours) any area where food is served or in other public spaces, Grand Island Supervisor Peter A. McMahon said he was assured.

The Erie County Health Department has talked to hotel management, and an inspector will pay a post-convention visit to the Holiday Inn on Monday to check conditions, said Dr. Anthony J. Billittier IV, its commissioner.

Holiday Inn employees who do not wish to work at the convention are allowed to decline to do so, Zeplowitz said.


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