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Thank you!

Simone Sanoubne has left a new comment on your post, "Careful who you sue!"

Dear Mr. Clare Pieuk:

There is no right word which can define how proud I am of you.

Keep up the great work. You are the kind of respectable Canadian who I have faith in your admirable integrity. The very unique and special person who tends to try to do the right thing even though it seems to be wrong for a lot of people around you until you work very hard to prove it right.

With My True Sincerity,
Simone Sanoubne

Dear Ms Sanoubne:

Thank you so very much for the kind words they are greatly appreciated.

Like Mr. Vic Populi, (The Public Eye; Truth To Power;; one of our heros, we too believe people in positions of power who abuse it, in spite of expensive accountants and lawyers, will eventually bring themselves down. It's right up there with greed.

Thank you again for writing.

Clare L. Pieuk


Anonymous SIMONE SANOUBANE said...

Dear Mr. Clare pieuk:

You desreve to receive all kind words in the world. God blesses you.

I agree about Mr. Vic P. unique works in contributing good causes for the society and our people. However, I am disaproved in his personal preferrence of being an Anonimous, proably forever.

I do not say this in a negative view point, but in a very positive view point relating to the fact that, Vic P. is very rare, unique individuale like you, indicating you both have similar human natural charecteristics and attractions.

The world needs people like both of you, and more of you if possible, to make this world a better place. I have been following your blog for quite some times, and observe the objectives in your work. I can say with confidence that, it is a piece of work for good cause. I mean: Only, "a piece of work". You and Vic P. have alot more to do other than what you two are doing now. Because, there are too rare good people in the world, VS large amont of problems need to be resolved.

We will encourage Vic to do more, by, being an Anonimous is not going to be as effective. That's part of the reason why, his comment sections are full of misterious comments. It may have alot to do with: Vic is being misterious himself, in my opinions. It's awaste of time, things could have been better, even more than what they are now.

At this stage of my life, I become more concious about the increasing crisis, mine, yours the rest of people around us, and around the wolrd. I konw some thing must change, some thing must be done to create change, before these current bad situation evolve into some thing extremely bad. That is absolutely universal true, in my opinions. Everything, including all living species and objects are subject to the process of "EVOLUTIONS".

Being said that, what sadden me is some observations of where we are. For instance, I am trying to understand, or make sense out of certain important aspects of current economic crisis we are all facing now. For instance, I observe some expressive attitues, pattern of thoughts, of people in respond to crisis situations. The more I observe, the more I realize that, we are far from peace, love, and love other as we love ourselves: God's most valuable simple messages, for us to follow, if we as human, find it hard to believe or live by certain philosophy and tough rules,in order to make this world a better place. Furthure more, I observe that, we are far from peace, because number of us appear to be, conciously, and unconciously, do not come term with the natural law of the requirements for adeptions, in which we the human, require to live with the constant process of assessments, and accept changes in all aspects of our lives, in order to adept to desirable peaceful human evolutions.


10:37 AM  
Anonymous SIMONE SANOUBANE said...

During this week, I discussed, causes, affects, relating implications and posible solutions of above issuses which are affecting our lives. I was aggresivellly reading various internet posts: Discussion boards, Blogs, various news, and some other reading metterials within my web sites in various: Internet net work campaign I recently set up in hope to reach out and contribute my part any way I can to make our our lives, our homes, and our world a better place.

I finally focussed on a few interesting classic examples of individules, who I mostly admire, but, I slight have some conflics with concerns in their believes indicating in their posts, patterns of thoughts, which likely indicating their charecters, personal philosophy, and what they are likely going to do, to make this world a better place. Well, I told you, I am disapointed in Mr. Populi, slightl problem with his Anonimous identity, he could have done better, by doing opposit.

I also follow Mr. Raymaker: , and I finally decided not hisitate to say that, I absolutely look up on him, while in my personal view, I identified his potentially lack of a strong awareness for the natural law of the requirements for adeptions, in which we the human, require to live in the constant process of assessments, and accept changes in all aspects of our lives, in order to adept to the human desirable peaceful evolutions, as in his responds to my comments relating the solutions for the root cause of a cycle of the economic bubble crisis:

"Simone - Fight the good fight for the little people. And fight for an effective enforcement atainst white collar crime in Canada. And also fight for a fair distribution of income amongst Canadians.

Recessions will be with us regardless as to how well we prosecute white collar criminals. They are part of the business cycle - when demand slows down and their remains a great supply of goods. The supply has to dwindle in order that it equates to the diminished demand.

Good Luck in your career as a writer and social critic."


10:40 AM  
Anonymous SIMONE SANOUBANE said...

Mr. Raymaker's comments appeared to me that, he, the highly respectable man with enormous wealth and wisdom, potentially believes that, white collar crimes, and the cycle of economic downturns are parts of the requirement for human adeptation. He appear to have these similar visions, and philosophy as Mr. Ricardo, who I greatly admire all of his posts in Mr. Michle Moore's discussion board: . This young man appear to be the person filled with God's simple messages: Peace, Love, and love other as we love our selves. I have never met a young man with this philosophy. Accept, for he believe that, the only thing people can do about this economic crisis is to control ourselves, or change our selves, instead of us trying chang to rules of law, or the goverments, because there are "Too many corruptions" and the goverment is so bad, that there is nothing, we the people can do about them.

I absolutely disagree with that philosophy.

This is the reason why I write to you here lengthly. I want people like you, and those I mentioned above to effectively do more. I want to recrude people like you to help majority of people around us, and in the world, NOT TO ACCEPT THAT: If any thing, any body are too big, too strong, too intimidate too abusive, and destructive to us, we have to accept them, and their way of living, with their power and dominations to influence us to favour their processes of natural adeptations for an evolution to occure, the way they wanted, in which hey will do anything for self interstes, even the processes are destrying other people. This is exactly, what happen to us now. If we do not resist, we will be evolved, and accepted that, living our lives under their leadership of abusive domination is the way of how all lives should be fore ever.

But the purpose of our lives, are to leave good thing for the next generation, not to leave our messy garbage for them to clean up after we leave this world. We have to make the wolrd a better place.

Please think about this post, and do some thing "More, to make the world a better place, and moving Canada forward prospirity in our generation, as well as the next generations, and prevent repetitive cycles of economic crisis every few decades as in the past and currently the Canadians are facing right now.

Best Regards;

Simone Sanoubane

10:41 AM  

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