Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Manitoba Law Courts Room 226?

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Spent part of the morning at The Law Courts tracking Regina versus Labossiere, Hince, however, it was a 9:00 a.m. Seized Pre-Trial Hearing before Queen't Bench Justice Brenda Keyser held in the Judges' Chambers. As such it was open to counsel only. Try as we may we couldn't sneak in - Rats!

Come mid-January next year, in what is expected to last 6-weeks, Jerome Labossiere and Michael Hince will be on trial before and judge and jury for the 2005 murder of Fernand Labossiere, his wife Rita and son Remi at their burned out farmhouse near St. Leon, Manitoba.

There has been a litany of delays to date because Mr. Labossiere is embroiled in an ongoing struggle with Legal Aid Manitoba that has seen 2-3 defence lawyers come and go. As recently as a couple weeks ago, Queen's Bench Justice Brenda Keyser refused a Motion by yet another one (Sheldon Pinx) to withdraw. The accused claims in a 2010 divorce he had to relinquish all his assets.

Like the recently concluded trial of Kelly Clarke where Steven Solomon agreeded to testify against the accused in exchange for entry into the Witness Protection Program via The Witness Security Act, in Labossiere-Hince there will be another star witness this time Jeremie Toupin. In June of 2010 Mr. Toupin had 3-first degree murder charges against him stayed by the Crown. He has agreed to plead guilty to a second degree murder charge. Sentencing is not expected until after Labossiere-Hince.

As recently as last week, Mr. Labossiere was committed on yet more charges - 3 additional counts of attempting to have his sister and two others (not identified) murdered. Fortunately, police became aware and interveded to protect those endangered. Can't imagine what today's discussion must have been about.

In a completely unrelated case, tomorrow morning we'll be back at The Law Courts for a 10:00 a.m. Queen's Bench Hearing before Master Ring where a group of Current Canadian Wheat Board Directors will be seeking a Court Injunction to hault the federal government's implemention of Bill C-18 which, if passed, would end the CWB's single desk marketing system by next August in the process immediately removing those farmer elected Members of its Board.

The Applicants are requesting further implementaion of Bill C-18 be haulted pending a full court challenge of its legality. Royal Assent could come as early as this evening.

Clare L. Pieuk


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