Friday, December 23, 2011

Canada's new poster child for government restraint!

Good Day Readers:

Happened to catch the piece by CTV's Don Martin, Harper Star Chamber swings the axe
( which referenced the secretative 9-Member Treasury Board Operating Review Sub-Committee charged with a 4-year mandate to find $4 billion (approximately 5% of total budget) in government savings through reduced payrolls and improved efficencies.

So we wondered who's on the Sub-Committee? That right folks, PETER GORDON MACKAY! And if that were not bad enough Tony "$50 million G20" Clement is chairing it.

Treasury Board Sub-Committee on the Strategic and Operating Review

Considers proposals made under the Strategic and Operating Review


The Honourable Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board and Minister for the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FedNor)


The Honourable Ted Menzies, Minister of State (Finance)


The Honorable Marjory LeBreton, Leader of the Government in the Senate

The Honorable Peter Gordon MacKay, Minister of National Defence

The Honorable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development

The Honorable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture)

The Honorable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Labour

The Honorable Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources

The Honorable Laurie Hawn, Member of Parliament


We should be thankful Stephen Harper hasn't appointed Peter MacKay Minister of Finance - yet!

Clare L. Pieuk


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