Monday, December 19, 2011

"Yes we have no bananas today ..... cha cha cha!" launches is proud to launch a site dedicated to our boycott of Chiquita because of their ban on ethical Canadian oil. Use this site to send a message directly to Chiquita and tell them what you think of their unethical ban on Canadian oil! is calling on all Canadians to boycott Chiquita brands until they reverse their boycott on Canada’s ethical oil!

Canada’s oil is the most ethical in the world.

It’s produced in Canada, where workers enjoy the highest standards and rights, women and minorities are treated as equals and environmental standards and regulations are strictly enforced. Chiquita should take a stand against conflict oil from oppressive regimes that abuse human rights and have no concern for the environment.

By rejecting Canadian ethical oil, Chiquita will be relying on conflict oil from some of the world’s most dubious regimes – countries with serious human rights issues like Iran, Saudia Arabia and Venezuela.

Chiquita should know better – they are no strangers to conflict. In 2007 Chiquita was fined $25 million by the US government because it had been paying money to terrorist groups in South America.

So join and say no to Chiquita and no to their use of conflict oil. Please encourage your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to boycott all Chiquita products from their famous bananas to Fresh Express salads. Tell the product manager at your grocery store why you refuse to buy Chiquita products.

Use the form below and send a message directly to Chiquita’s head office and tell their executives what you think of their ban on Canadian oil. And share this page with your friends on facebook and twitter.

Together we can show Chiquita why they were wrong to ban Canadian ethical oil!


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