Sunday, March 10, 2013

A CyberSmokeBlog Exclusive: A shocking behind-the-scenes look at the real Harper administration!

Good Day Readers:

Since becoming Prime Minister over 7-years ago Canadians have steadfastly and very wisely refused to give Mr. Harper a smash mouth majority for reasons the mainstream media have been unable to explain much less proffer irrefutable, compelling evidence.

Based on information just received from anonymous sources buried deep within the Harper government having unfettered access to the PM (and his inner circle), now for the first time anywhere CyberSmokeBlog will give readers a shocking look at the deception, lack of accountability and transparency pervading/infecting this administration at all levels.

Recently, in an ill-fated, feeble attempt to get voters to warm to him Mr. Harper has taken to the twittersphere even going as far as to briefly allow a film crew access at the start of one of his daily briefing meetings with senior aids.

Exhibit A: The Before
Clockwise from the Prime Minister's left:

Jeremy Hunt: Executive Assistant
Harper's "body man." The 28-yea-old Albertan is the PM's gatekeeper and constant helper

Carl Vallee: Press Secretary
Harper's main French-language spokesman.

Martin Belanger: Executive Director, Conservative Bureau
Runs the Conservative Party's Research and Communications Branch

Andre Blachand: Senior Adviser
A former Progressive Conservative MP who left politics in 2004 rather than run under Harper, he was appointed after the 2011 election to try to improve Conservative fortunes in Quebec.

Stephen Lecce: Deputy Director of Communications

Joanne McNamara: Deputy Chief of Staff
Moved to Harper's office last autumn after several years running Herritage Minister James Moore's office.

Migel Wright: Chief of Staff
The third man to run Harper office since 2006.On leave from Bay Street, he keeps crazy hours and is the government's most powerful manager.

Michael White: Director of Strategic Communications

Alykhan Velshi: Director of Planning
The former Jason Kenney aid and founder of the Ethical Oil advocacy group works at the intersection between policy and electoral politics, ensuring that the government's actions increase its chances of re-election.

Rachel Curran: Director of Policy
She came from British Columbia politics through Vic Toews' office to lead the PMO policy shop. Perhps the best example of the way clout and low public combine in the PMO.

Chris Woodcock: Director, Issues Management
In charge of putting out fires, he reconciles inevitable surprises with the agenda the government hoped to implement.

Exhibit B: The After
This photograph was covertly taken very shortly after the camera crew had been asked to leave. Is that not Ms Thugsy Mugwhomp now occupying Martin Belanger's chair? You be the judge and jury.
Because of her recent outspoken criticism of the Canadian Bar Association - Federal Department of Justice's monopolistic, discriminatory annual Stephen Hanson Award for Excellence in Legal Journalism she fears reprisal from powerful, nasty little critters bigger than mice in those organizations. However, upon closer examination CyberSmokeBlog remains convinced it's her at the Harper table.

CSB has discretely been canvassing its sources to find out exactly what she does for the Conservatives. Apparently, her official title is "The Fixer!" - every political party has one right - although if you ask the Prime Minister's Office it will vehemently deny she even exists. They're the one's you rarely hear or read about because they operate from the darkness of the shadows charged with the responsibility of quietly taking care of party scandals. Ms Mugwhomp is considered the most powerful member of Mr. Harper's inner circle with the code name, "The Bag Lady" because of her dual responsibility and penchant for fundraising.

Word around Ottawa lately has it the phrase, "Need a problem to quickly disappear, Minister, call 613-thugsy!" is increasingly being heard.

Please help Canadian taxpayers expose the Conservatives and Tugsy Mugwhomp for what they really are by contacting this site. And remember, you can remain anonymous or in the words of America's Most Wanted creator John Walsh, "You can make a difference!"

Clare L. Pieuk


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