Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Joe Chan Legal Defence Fund?

"Sam the Man!"

Good Day Readers:

In light of Joe Chan's recent decision to appeal the ruling of Queen's Bench Justice Brenda Keyser in Chan versus Katz, perhaps it's time to set up a Legal Defence Fund that maximizes use of the social media by hardwiring a website to a twitter account to a Facebook page. Any IT specialists out there willing to volunteer their services?

Clare L. Pieuk
"Face me like a man in court': Joe Chan to Sam Katz
By Tessa Vanderhart
Saturday, April 6, 2013
Cathay House restaruant owner Joe Chan leaves the Law Courts Building on Friday, April 5, 2013 in Winnipeg Manitoba after a judge ruled Mayor Sam Katz was not in conflict opf interest when hosting a staff Christmas party at Hu's Asian Bistro in December 2010. (Kevin King/Winnipeg Sun/QMI Agency)

Joe Chan will appeal a court decision ordering him to pay $10,000 of Mayor Sam Katz's legal fees.

On Friday, Justice Brenda Keyser dismissed a conflict of interest allegation against Katz involving a 2010 Christmas party for city councillors and staff held at Hu's Asian Bistro, a restaurant Katz then owned. The $3,000 party was billed to the city.

Chan, whose complaint prompted the court hearing, was ordered to pay $10,000 in court costs.

But Chan's vowing to fight on.

"$10,000 is not something an ordinary citizen can afford," Chan said.

To Katz, he says: "Face me like a man in the court."

Katz didn't attend the hearings on Tuesday or Friday, saying he was busy at city hall.

Chan says he's been deluged with support for a potential appeal.

"They're upset with the outcome. I've (been getting) a lot of phone calls, text messages -- they couldn't believe it."

Many people have suggested hosting a social to pay for some of those costs.

"I'm definitely going to need fundraising," he says, to pay for even legal fees for the appeal.

"We definitely need more than $10,000 to fight."

He's meeting with supporters this week to figure out how best to raise those funds.

In the meantime, he's accepting cheques in person or by mail to Cathay House, made out to "Joe Chan, for the Sam Katz lawsuit."

He's had a few offers of free legal help for the appeal, too.

"This outcome has totally discouraged people," Chan said.

"This was just one bill, one invoice," Chan said, adding he has another 25 from freedom of information requests. "It's not finished."

"I'm pretty sure lots of Joe Chans are out there, now."

Calls to the mayor's office were not returned Saturday.

On Friday, Katz said he’s moving forward now that the suit is over.

“I think the actions that were taken were probably not the appropriate call,” Katz said. “I think any time in life, there might be better ways of doing things. But now that it’s closed, we go on.”

Katz said he will pay his own legal bills, joking about how he usually does. Then he noted, "in this case, no, Mr. Chan will be paying a large portion."

He said he's received many letters of support.

"Here's the facts of life. From day one I was elected, there have been comments about conflict of interest.

And I think the public has shown, on three separate occasions, they judge you by what you get done."


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