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Is the Canadian Judicial Council a bureaucratic Gong Show waiting to happen? ..... "Gong!"

From: RoadKill Radio [mailto:rkradio@telus.net]

Sent: April-29-13 3:58 PM
To: Gail Woods
Subject: Request

Ms. Woods:

We spoke earlier by phone. You asked that I direct my correspondence to the Chief Justice to your attention. Please ensure that he gets this.

Thank you,
Kari Simpson

Chief Justice Bauman
Chief Justice of the British Columbia Supreme Court
800 Smyth Street
Vancouver, B.C.

VIA Email

April 29, 2013

Re: Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg

Dear Sir:

I request your assistance.

My name is Kari Simpson; I was the Plaintiff in a matter in which Madam Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg fraudulently presided over while not qualified to do so. Further, that she wilfully incited harm to my reputation by publishing false and defamatory information about me among other wrong doings, including violating my right to a fair and impartial jurist.

I have attached my letter to the Prime Minister as it contains a summary brief of the events for your information, events you may already be familiar with but have refused to remedy in a way that would provide assurance to the public that judicial transgressions are not ignored. It is my understanding that the legal community is well aware of Justice Koenigsberg’s wonton disregard for the law, yet she continues to sit as a judge of your court.

It is my intention to file a Notice of Civil Claim naming Justice Koenigsberg and expose the judicial antics that have been allowed to transpire without consequence. I have attempted to serve her with my demand notice. Regrettably this has proved to be a challenge, and included my contacting her previous legal counsel, who, in an agitated state, advised me that he doesn’t have anything to do with her. Clearly Justice Koenigsberg could not be considered to be a judge of good behaviour at the time (or now) and as such the shield of judicial immunity is not available.

I would ask that you request Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg to provide me with the name of her legal counsel, or other service delivery accommodation, so this matter may proceed forthwith in a manner that will prevent further harm to the administration of justice.

Please confirm receipt of this correspondence and indicate the action, if any, you have taken in response to my request. You can respond to my electronic address: karisimpson@telus.net.

Thank you,

Kari D. Simpson
Tel: (604) 514-1614

Good Day Readers:

By way of explanation, Gail Woods is Executive Assistant to British Columbia Chief Justice Robert Bauman shown smiling below although it's not clear he still will be upon reading Ms Simpson's e-mail.
Kari Simpson is founder of the highly successful British Columbia-based Drive For Justice and Roadkill Radio News sites.
The former is a series of over 30 videos dedicated to a defamation case (Simpson versus Mair and WIC) that went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. It's narrated by former Vancouver Sun Court Reporter Ron Gray who CyberSmokeBlog likes to affectionately call "Judge Ron."
 If ever there was a case of alleged judicial misconduct by a federally appointed Justice that cried out for an investigation and review via a public inquiry it's this one!
For years now Ms Simpson has been lobbying for such so why hasn't it happened? Perhaps the answer can be found within the Canadian Judicial Council and the Douglas Inquiry example. For literally years it seems half of Winnipeg's legal community, not to mention the Manitoba Law Society, knew of a highly questionable incident that occurred in the background of Lori Douglas while a lawyer for BigLaw Thompson Dorfman Sweatman before she was later appointed as a Queen's Bench Justice (Family Division) quickly rising to become an Associate Chief Justice.

The answer seems to be lie in a distinct lack of proactivity on the part of the CJC and MLS. If you have a complaint better come equipped with a tone of evidence. Complainant Alex Chapman was different in that he still had that ton of evidence he'd previously agreed to relinquish (but didn't kept copies) under the terms of a $25,000 confidentiality agreement he'd signed with lawyer William Gange who represented Lori Douglas' husband and lawyer "Polaroid" Jack King.

It wasn't until Mr. Chapman filed a complaint with the Manitoba Law Society (July 2010) and shortly thereafter went public (CBC) with his collection of e-mail (black print) between Jack King and him plus copies of pictures still in his possession showing Lori Douglas in a most unflattering series of images (That's being very charitable!) that had by then made their way onto the internet thanks to the aforementioned Mr. King.

So why hasn't the obvious happened in Simpson versus Mair? Probably because The Council is a large inert bureaucratic Gong Show that moves at a glacial pace. For a good overview of the Simpson allegations visit:

There you will find a 32-page letter she sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper July 6, 2012 entitled, Judicial Corruption with special reference to her case. It's exceptionally well-documented and detailed.

By the way, there you will find a larger copy of the above cartoon reproduced on page 11. It more clearly shows a character labelled as Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin with her 2,000 pet bull instructing he be added to the supposedly blind scales of justice.

Clare L. Pieuk


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