Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Judge Ron" prepares to open a Canadian judicial Pandora's "Jar!"

Judge Ron opening his Judicial Pandora's Box on future episodes of Drive For Justice as nefarious little legal establishment critters try to make a run for it!

Good Day Readers:

A couple quick points of explanation. "Judge Ron" is former Vancouver Sun Court Reporter Ron Gray narrator for the popular internet series Drive For Justice (www.driveforjustice.com). In Episode 30 (Deep Throat Exposes Koenigsberg's Fraud) he donned borrowed judicial robes and assumed the role of British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg who should have been the subject years ago of a serious Canadian Judicial Council conflict of interest Inquiry years had it been doing its job.
Judge Ron was a lot more convincing and compelling than many a Judge/Justice CyberSmokeBlog has observed at The Manitoba Law Courts.

As for Pandora's Jar it requires a little sidebar trip into the world of Greek mythology 101. Pandora was the first human woman so each God helped create her by giving her a unique gift. Zeus the God of Sky, Lightening, Thunder, Law Order, Justice and it seems just about everything gave her a large jar.
She was told not to open it otherwise all hell would break loose. Turns out Zeus was no dummy and knew being a woman she'd be nosey and couldn't resist temptation and would blab. Well she did but Zeus wasn't choked because he knew she would.

CyberSmokeBlog is privy to a few of the cases that will be profiled on upcoming episodes of Drive For Justice. From the little bit CSB is aware you'll find the new series beyond fascinating as Judge Ron chases down the miscreants of Canada's Judicial System.You will be left scratching your head wondering to which legal system Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin was referring when she told the Empire Club of Canada in Toronto March 8, 2007:

Let me begin by asserting that Canada has a strong and healthy justice system. Indeed, our courts and justice system are looked to by many countries as exemplary. We have well-appointed courtrooms, presided over by highly qualified judges. Our judges are independent and deliver impartial justice, free of fear and favour. The Canadian Judicial Council, which I head, recently issued an information note on the judicial appointments process in which it affirms these long standing principles on which our justice system is based. Canadians can have confidence that judges are committed to rendering judgment in accordance with the law and based on the evidence. Corruption and partisanship are non-issues. In all these things, we are fortunate indeed."

Clare L. Pieuk

"Drive For Justice" host Ron Gray wraps up - for now - this series exposing the lies, corruption and deceit of Canada's legal brethren as it pertains to Kari Simpson's ongoing case against The Liar Rafe Mair, correctly implicating the corrupt Judge Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg and exposing the Supreme Court of Canada's lies and failure to adhere to the Letter of the Law. Mr. Gray then introduces the next phase of "Drive For Justice," which promises to open a Pandora's Box of judicial shenanigans.


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