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Re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic while the judicial band plays on?

Dear CyberSmokeBlog:

Canadian Legal Establishment Takes Cue from Hollywood's Visionaries (Anything is possible with Computer-Generated Imagery)

Taking Assistance to Unrepresented/Self-Represented Litigants to the Next Level 

The dramatic explosion of unrepresented/self-represented litigants in the courtroom is often portrayed as one of our greatest access challenges, calling into question the role of the courts, judges, court administrators and personnel and the bar. We are at a crossroads with adaptation at the edges but an uneven commitment to more substantive change. Join in a provocative conversation about what needs to be done and be inspired by findings from a major study of the experience of those with the lived experience of self-representation.

Moderator: Madam Justice Colleen Suche, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench

Chris Budgell
Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Mr. Budgell:

Thank you for the heads up and the subject line of your e-mail, Raising the Titanic - Gala Premier April 25-27, 2012 only $595! which provided the inspiration for the graphs. And yes, you can tart up just about anything with C-GI including a Canadian Bar Association sponsored conference. As "Mr. Self-Rep" CSB always enjoys your wit and humour.
For Readers, Mr. Self-Rep has been battling the British Columbia legal establishment now for over 10-years. His latest endeavour is an application before the Federal Court of Canada for a Judicial Review of the Canadian Judicial Council's complaints procedure or in layperson language, "Clean up you act CJC." Mr. Budgell has shared much of his presentation with CSB. He's no dummy and will give The Council a very good run for its money. Oh, and BTW did you notice there appears to be no representatives presenting from the Canadian Judicial Council?

As you well know from your years toiling in relative obscurity the justice system is of the lawyers, by the lawyers and especially for the lawyers. Unfortunately, anything the Canadian Bar Association organizes will lack credibility and Envisioning Equal Justice Summit: Building Justice for Everyone, sadly, will likely be no exception.

Among the glitterati and wantabe glitterati organizers/prsenters did you notice even one past or current hardcore self-rep who can discuss their experiences up close, personal and firsthand? CyberSmokeBlog didn't. Anyone who purports to know anything about trying to fix a system that's obviously broken realizes you start at the bottom with "the victims" not the top - Organizational Behaviour/Organizational Development 101.

Next you have the Canadian Bar Association issuing a 2008 Press Release whining, complaining and carrying on like a Big Crybaby that not enough Judges who "it's there to protect" have joined.
Judges need protection? "HA!" There are those who would argue they already have too much power and are not being held sufficiently accountable. Then there's the Douglas Inquiry where no one knows what lurks behind those robes. It's self-reps who need protection from the Judges.
As a public service CyberSmokeBlog has decided to offer the CBA 5-recommendations designed to turn its likely abysmal doomed to failure conference into a roaring success.

1. Immediately Retain CSB As A Consultant

The fee will be unlimited billable hours at $1,000 per all expenses paid plus all it can eat and drink at the conference.

2. Hire Chris Budgell To Present/Lead Discussion Groups On What It's Like To Be A Self-Rep

He's already in Vancouver co you won't have to expense his passage there. Unlike some of the other glitterati and wannabe glitterati organizers/presenters he doesn't have champagne and caviar tastes. Ply him with all the nutritious munchies and drinks he wants during breaks and at lunch and he'll be a happy little camper.

3. Invite Kari Simpson of Drive For Justice/RoadKill Radio News
The "soft-spoken" Ms Simpson will regale you with stories of how the Supreme Court of Canada Royally screwed up in its 2008 Simpson versus Mair and WIC Radio Limited defamation lawsuit and continues to do so to this day by failing to acknowledge such. She'll have you rolling in the aisles describing how British Columbia Superior Court Judge Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg was "allegedly" in the Mother of all conflicts of interest when she ruled in her case - a ruling the SCC would later buy hook, line and sinker.

Go ahead make her day ask her about former Supreme Court Justice William Binnie (Justice RoadKill) who wrote the decision and last year went on to fame and glory by having his $400,000 plus study for the New Zealand federal government's Justice Department thoroughly trashed by its Minister Judith "Crusher" Collins.
An enraged Crusher Collins show here with RoadKill's car shortly after receiving his report.

To further entertain you Kari Simpson will bring along former Vancouver Sun Court Reporter Ron "Judge Ron" Gray narrator of the Drive For Justice Series who will explain how you can win a $130,000 reward if you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the Supreme Court of Canada acted honourably and above reproach at all material times in Simpson versus Mair and are not liars or judicial cheats. He'll even wear his borrowed judicial robes for dramatic effect. You don't want to mess with Judge Ron!
4. Go Out And Actively Recruit Julie Macfarlane

Dr. Macfalane, a law professor at the University of Windsor, is putting the finishing touches on a study (one-on-one interviews) of approximately 380 self-reps in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario (funding available only for these provinces).
If preliminary media reports (.e. g. MacLean's Magazine) are any indication of what to expect her Report should amount to a scathing indictment of how the Canadian judiciary treats self-reps. Alternatively stated in layperson language they're treated like ....!

And while you're at it don't forget to request that she bring along her trusty Project Co-ordinator Sue Rice.

5. Meet Manitoba's Queen of Self-Reps Canadian Bar Association

Meet Karyn Delichte better known to Queen's Bench Family Division as FD05-01-73022 ( Her case began in March of 2004 and today 430 filings and 11 Justices plus 5 Masters later shows no sign of a final resolution if the last hearing (March 22nd of this year) was any indication.

Ms Delichte a Winnipeger is studying for her Doctorate in Clinical/Forensic Psychology at the University of California part of which includes a twice weekly stint at Corcoran Prison the State's toughest - crawling with gang members - good preparation/training for the rough and tumble Family Division. Let her impress you with a recounting of the  "extraordinary efforts" of the Court "knocking itself out" to accommodate her as an out of country self-rep raising two young children while attending school full time all on an extremely limited budget. When you invite her to speak be sure to pay all her expenses including all the champagne and caviar she can handle.

The Cost? Cheap Like Borscht!

To assemble this group of 6 speakers/presenters will cost you the grand total of $3,576 (6 x $595) plus tax. So, what will you be getting Canadian Bar Association? An array of talent with the potential to change your conference from a drab, b-o-r-i-n-g, abysmal, ho hum affair into a roaring success. Like the Olympics every venue where they appear will be standing room only. Unlike your champagne and caviar crowd they'll tell it like it is but can you handle it CBA?

Hell, even CyberSmokeBlog's generous offer to put it all together for unlimited billables is peanuts.

Final offer!

Clare L. Pieuk


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