Thursday, April 04, 2013

Should Senator Pana Merchant Resign?

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Can you imagine what it must be like at BigLaw Merchant now that the story has gone viral? The paranoia must be palatable - no correspondence, faxes, stay off the grid, etc. Has it resorted yet to the old Russian spy business model of clandestine meetings on isolated park benches to discuss the matter.

When BigLaw gets into trouble invariably there's an exodus of lawyers like little rats abandoning a sinking ship with their booty, that is, clients (Sorry Canadian Bar Association for the metaphor!).
Will this happen at The Merchant Law Group?

It will be interesting to learn which law firm and lawyer(s) the Merchants will choose to represent them and speak to the media on their behalf.

Has CyberSmokeBlog got a solution for you Mr. Harper

Since Tony Merchant is Mr. Class Action Lawsuit. why not hire his firm to undertake an investigation of all Canadians and Canadian Corporations identified by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists with instructions to sue them beyond their ability to pay. Alternatively stated in layperson language, sue their hairy, little asses off! Sound like a plan? Just trying to be helpful Mr. Prime Minister.

Clare L. Pieuk

Senator wants answers on colleague's role in offshore account

Liberal Percy Downe says 'I want to hear' from Pana Merchant following revelations by CBC
Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Liberal senator says he wants his caucus colleague, Senator Pana Merchant, to explain herself following the revelation by CBC News yesterday that she has been the beneficiary of a secret offshore trust set up by her husband.

"We're all innocent until proven guilty in this country, but I want to hear her explanation," Senator Percy Downe, who has campaigned for years against the abuse of offshore tax havens, told CBC News in an interview.

"For all I know, my colleague may have been filing this with Revenue Canada. I'll wait to hear from her."

CBC News divulged Wednesday that Merchant's husband, high-profile Canadian lawyer Tony Merchant, moved nearly $2 million to secretive financial havens while he was locked in battle with the Canada Revenue Agency over his taxes, according to documents in a massive leak of offshore financial data.

Programming Note: Tomorrow evening on the CBC's The National there will be another segment on this story as it continues to unravel like a ball of yarn in the days, weeks, months and even years ahead.


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