Thursday, May 30, 2013

Help eliminate stupid patents and trolls!

Save Podcasting!

This is a friendly message from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. View it in a web browser.

Dear Clare,

You can help save podcasting. A troll has been using an outrageously over broad patent on distributing media files to sue podcasters and threaten others into settlements. EFF hopes to mount a campaign to bust stupid, dangerously broad patents that Personal Audit has been using to shakedown podcasters.

There's a steep fee prescribed by the US Patent and Trademark Office for the kind of challenge EFF plans to make, an inter partes review. But with your help and the help of podcasters everywhere, we'll be able to bring a robust case directly to the Patent Office to stop Personal Audio from doing any more damage to online broadcasters.

Patent trolls don't make anything - they just suse the threat of lawsuits to extort settlements from their targets. Their actions chill innovation and stymie creators, and EFF would be proud to have your help in saving podcasting from this assault.  Please consider supporting us today.

Thank you,
Julie Samuels
EFF Staff Attorney and Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents


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