Monday, December 09, 2013

Who says all lawyers are humour-impaired?

Rob Ford-themed Christmas cards sent out by Toronto law firm

Jeff Gray
Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Christmas card from Toronto law firm Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP satirizing an infamous photo of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford outside what police have referred to as a crack house.

A respected Toronto law firm has sent out an annual Christmas card lampooning Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, imposing a smiling Santa Claus head over his face in the notorious photo of the mayor taken in front of what police allege is a crack house.

The Christmas card from Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP, a litigation boutique that is no stranger to high-profile cases, puts elf ears on one of the men standing beside Mr. Ford in the photo and the head of a reindeer over the face of Anthony Smith, a suspected gang member who was later killed.

“Seasons (sic) Greetings from Toronto, where we can’t comment on elves that we have not seen or which do not exist,” the card reads. “All we want this holiday is to be let off the crazy train.”

Paliare Roland and another Toronto boutique law firm, Lax O’Sullivan Scott Lisus LLP, have made a tradition of sending out elaborate humorous Christmas cards.

Lawyer Chris Paliare said he has only received positive feedback so far on the card from clients and fellow lawyers, including colleagues in the United States who are all very familiar with the scandal surrounding Mr. Ford.

“A whole pile of e-mails saying ‘This is the best Christmas card I’ve ever seen’ – those are the comments so far,” Mr. Paliare said.

Mr. Ford was not on the mailing list, he said, as he is “neither a client nor a friend.”

About 4,000 of the cards, designed by two partners at the law firm, have been mailed out.

The law firm acted pro bono for citizens who forced an audit of Mr. Ford’s 2010 campaign expenses.

The highly popular New York-based legal blog Above the Law is running its annual (fifth) contest to determine the most interesting law firm Christmas card. Here's last year's winner.


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