Monday, August 25, 2014

A match made in heaven 'Pretty Face' versus 'Homer!'

"Good day eh boxing fans?" Today's feature bout. In the green corner wearing red trunks (What else?) weighing in at 153 and 3/4 pounds standing 6' 2" Canada's next Prime Minister Justin 'Pretty Face' Trudeau!"

And in the black corner weighing in at 152 pounds standing 6' 0" Mickey 'Palooka' MacDonald. The winner to fight Stephen 'Homer' Harper!" 

Good Day Readers:

Wouldn't it be hilarious if 'Palooka' knocked out 'Pretty Face' - the Conservatives would have a field day with that one! Not to worry it won't happen. 'Palooka' has probably been told not to hurt 'Pretty Face.' Image if 'Pretty Face' were to take on pudgy, out of shape 'Homer.' He'd jab, left-right hook with abandon pummeling the .... out of him. Then it would be on to Thomas Mulcair.

"... 9 ...10! Get outta here 'Homer' ya bum you're a washed up old tomato can!"

Clare L. Pieuk
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau to trade blows with business owner in Halifax

Monday, August 25, 2014
Liberal MP Justin Trudeau raises his arms after defeating Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau during charity boxing match for cancer research Saturday, March 31, 2012 in Ottawa. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

HALIFAX - Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will do some bobbing and weaving of the literal kind during a stop in Halifax Monday.

According to an advisory from the Liberal party, the pair will also meet with youth from the non-profit organization Family SOS.

Before coming to Halifax, Trudeau will address the Bridgewater and area Chamber of Commerce, and participate in a roundtable with municipal leaders in Lunenburg to discuss “major issues facing the media.”


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