Friday, September 12, 2014

Does the "Ray Rice Syndrome" exist in the Canadian Football League?

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The Ray Rice case has opened a lot of eyes on several levels not just by drawing attention to the issue of domestic violence but do celebrities, such as professional football players, receive preferential disciplinary treatment not only from their leagues' (NFL and CFL) but does it also extend to the courts. In the case of Mr. Rice the answer can only be a resounding "YES!"

But what about Canada is there any reason to think we're better? You need not look far to begin to wonder. Currently former Cincinnati Bengal/Miami Dolphin player Chad "Ochocinco"Johnston (Remember him?) is currently on the roster of the Montreal Alouettes after a 2012 conviction for assaulting his now former wife.

Before that, then former NFLer Ricky Williams (New Orleans Saints/Miami Dolphins - multiple league drug policy violations) was allowed to play (one season) for the Toronto Argonauts before returning to the Dolphins.

More recently, Cleveland Browns wide receiver like Ricky Williams tried to play in Canada after multiple drug policy infractions but was refused. At least this time around CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon has announced Ray Rice he will not be allowed to play here until after (assuming it is) his indefinite suspension is lifted.

The Canadian Football League and Domestic Violence

CyberSmokeBlog has started researching what will soon appear as a series of postings about the situation in Canada. It will focus on a particular case for a couple reasons:

(1) Being in Winnipeg it will allow CSB ready access to The Law Courts and the almost 500 public domain court filings that date back to the case's genesis in March of 2004. To this day the legal remnants are still before the courts (child custody issues)

(2) CyberSmokeBlog believes it's a poster child for what's wrong with family court not only here but everywhere one looks.

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