Wednesday, November 05, 2014

At the barber shop ..... get off your ass and make your own car Canadian winters are long!

Good Day Readers:

Was at Enzo's last Saturday for the weekly beard trim. Have been going to see him for longer than CyberSmokeBlog can remember so much so he's become Father Confessor, role model, intellectual guru, spiritual leader, mentor but above all The God Father.

If you quietly watch and listen you'll see the damndest people hear the damndest stories. Was approached by one of his clients with a smartphone who had a video to show us.This is not the one because it did not come with embed code (computer language that allows a video to be transferred directly to a blog or other social media). Here's the link that will allow you to access what CSB saw - wow!

Went to YouTube to try to find it (YouTube always provides embed code) but couldn't so here's one that provides a good description:

Jeezus! This is like the IKEA of car building.

Thank you Angelo Vaccaro ("Uncle Angie").

Clare L. Pieuk


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