Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Christmas is coming don't be Scrooges!

Good Day Readers:

Last week at the pre-Douglas Inquiry had occasion to meet and chat a few times with Johanna Laporte, Director Communications and Registry Services for the CJC over the two days she was there. A very impressive lady who patiently answered all CyberSmokeBlog's pest-like questions ... how else do you learn ej? Also noticed others, some from the media, felt comfortable approaching and introducing themselves to her. What a valuable asset and ambassador for the CJC.

Council, Christmas is coming you need to give the lady a nice little raise to help her buy presents for her relatives, friends and perhaps children - don't be Scrooges!

Ms LaPorte cleared CSB to tell you over 200 written submissions were received to the Council's request for input on how best to reshape its business model which, in CyberSmokeBlog's opinion, is broken the Douglas Inquiry being but one glaring example. The recommendations to be implemented will be forthcoming shortly.

CSB's prediction? The great unwashed masses (laypersons) will be incorporated/integrated in a meaningful way into some of The Council's processes. Failure to do so will perpetuate the public perception the CJC is for lawyers, of lawyers and by lawyers exclusively judging and protecting judges.

Clare L. Pieuk


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