Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Please, please, please Ms Ditchburn help save us from "that woman!'

Winnipeg beat cop Shelly Glover on a hot day enjoying a well-earned cold soft drink after a long day's work.
Dear Ms Ditchburn:

The reference is to Shelly Glover. Although she announced a month or two ago she’s not running again in the October 2015 election, her Saint Boniface riding is still being inundated with flyers even though a Conservative replacement has yet to be nominated. Her latest effort is a an 8-page bilingual 11 1/4 “ x 15 1/2” two colour extolling the virtues of the Conservative’s family tax cuts and benefits. Please, the citizens of Saint Boniface, Manitoba need your help before they’re completely buried in these flyers - we’re getting desperate!

Regarding another matter, when you appear on the CBC’s Power and Politics and the Power Panel is asked for the weekly story that was under the radar but should have made it onto the main stage here’s CyberSmokeBlog’s candidate.

Again please help Ms Ditchburn were drowning in Tory government financed paper!

Desperate and sleepless in Saint Boniface!


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