Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Mother of all Canada Days?

Good Day Readers:

In the CTV National News for Tuesday, June 30, 2015 there's a segment beginning at the 6:42 mark about the latest wave of cyberattacks against government websites. In it national reporter Mercedes Stephenson has had a telephone conversation with the person responsible. Apparently, he sounds quite bright, articulate and confident he cannot be identified and doesn't seem overly concerned if he is - it's impossible to tell whether he's Canadian or not..

According to experts denial of service attacks are relatively simple to perform especially with Canadian government websites that lack the necessary security precautions that would cost millions of dollars to install and operate.

The hacker is promising cyber chaos for Canada Day. CSB's prediction? Low tech will triumph over high tech. The spies at CSIS aren't smart enough on their own to catch him but like so many other criminals he'll blab to someone who'll alert the authorities.


Clare L. Pieuk


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