Thursday, June 23, 2016

CTF: Place the Big Mother with boxcar sized neon flashing lights and whistles under Sophie's bedroom window!

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The Trudeau's are sadly out of touch with Canadians! As millions of working, single parents have to rush to drop off their children at daycare while holding down a couple minimum wage part-time jobs to pay the bills, there's stay at home mom Sophie with no official duties singing lullabies to her privately schooled children as she sips her morning coffee

To add insult to injury she's saying she needs more taxpayers' dollars to carry out her "official duties" as First Lady! What "official duties?" Canadians can't afford the Trudeau's lavish lifestyle.

Clare L. Pieuk
Canadian Taxpayers Federation launches 2016 national debt clock tour

  • Trudeau government's spending plans will see federal debt burden rise to $716 billion by 2020
  • Every Canadian already owes $17,300 in federal debt
  • Federal debt increases by $3.3 million every hour of every day
VICTORIA, British Columbia: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today launched a six-week, nine-province tour of its National Debt Clock, in order to raise awareness about the rising public debt burden faced by Canadians, and calling on the federal government to return to balanced budgets as soon as possible.
“It took the Harper Conservatives six years to climb out of the deficit they plunged us into in 2009, and the result was an additional $120 billion in federal debt,” said CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick. “Now the Trudeau Liberals – who ironically ran on a platform of ‘real change’ – appear set to pile up even more debt, leaving future generations of Canadians holding the bag.”
The CTF Debt Clock is a large digital clock measuring five feet high and 12 feet long, and displays the real-time total federal debt, along with per-second and per-person figures. A customized trailer built specifically for the clock allows for a rolling display of the clock as it crosses Canada.
“The federal government is spending $3.3 million per day on interest, and the provinces are spending millions more. This is not responsible, and it is not sustainable. Governments need to learn to live within their means, and stop expecting children and grandchildren to pay their bills for them,” continued Wudrick.
The CTF will be posting regular updates on social media as the Debt Clock makes it way from Victoria to Halifax, before ending the tour in Ontario in mid-July.
For an outline of tour dates, click HERE.


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