Monday, July 25, 2016

Alright who wrote this s...!

Dear CyberSmokeBlog:

I just noticed this link on their website.
Who, I wonder, do they get to write this shit?  I've saved a copy.
Paragraph 3 is a bald denial that Norman Sabourin had a gatekeeper role before the changes they made last summer.
 A key change in the 2015 Review Procedures was the granting of the Executive Director and Senior General Counsel with the authority to determine at the early screening process whether correspondence to the Council appears intended to be a complaint that could warrant consideration. Prior to July 2015it was for the member of the Judicial Conduct Committee to determine whether correspondence sent to Council constituted a complaint or other. By providing the Executive Director with that authority to screen correspondence greater efficiency was introduced. If it is determined that a matter warrants consideration, it is referred to a Chief Justice on the Judicial Conduct Committee.
Chris Budgell, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dear Mr. Self-Rep:
Don't know who wrote that .... but it likely wasn't young "Stormin Norman" Sabourin. He's too busy these days getting ready for Robin "The Bobbin" Camp's ("How high would you like me to jump and in what direction?") public inquiry before the Canadian Judicial Council's Disciplinary Committee in Ottawa at the end of September. Now that should be good for a laugh!

Clare L. Pieuk


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