Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another new feature, "Follow The Green!"

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

The comments shown below arrived via our "Comments" link in response to the article, "Let's start another posting!" Since a couple very interesting points were raised, thought it warranted main page coverage. To save time I'll add my two cents in green. Why that colour:

(1) My sister's code name for me is "Deep Tortoise"

(2) At almost 62 I've lost a step or two although I can still give it ladies!

(3) She remembers "Deep Throat" from the Watergate scandal

(4) I seem to know so much about the internal operations of the Manitoba Metis Federation - wonder why/how?

(5) I'm a Boston Celtics fan

Clare L. Pieuk
Anonymous said ...

(i) "Is currently involved in litigation against the owner and the operator of the internet website known as"

You will have to re-word the part above. You should make it "former webmaster." By stating it that way Terry was the owner and operator - it suggests that you as one of the defendants are saying you had nothing to with the postings made on CSS.

Oh, but I did! The allegedly defamatory words were the idea of Lionel Chartrand who then wrote them and gave us permission to post. I have three e-mail (actually I have a lot more!) which clearly demonstrate this statement to be true.

Terry Belhumeur as domain name owner (although as a courtesy I paid half the $56 U.S. annual fee to re-register it - have the cancelled cheques) often chose not to get involved in the daily operations of Therefore, for significant periods I would not hear from him either by e-mail or telephone. Whether, for example, he was monitoring the site from his home computer you'll have to ask him. The posting of the petition took place during one of these times.

(ii) "At least two of our Members are being sued for statements made and published on said internet site."

This part should say "two Members in good standing with the MMF are being sued." By the "at least" you bring into question there are more than those stated above in the legal action." (Vanessa Everton) and Terry Belhumeur are MMF Members. Are they both in good standing? Don't know although I assume so - they've never told me otherwise, however, Terry at least in the eyes of President Chartrand may not be given he dared criticize the current administration. I'm the third Co-defendant and non-Aboriginal.


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