Sunday, March 26, 2006

Let's start another petition!

Tansi/Good Evening Folks:

A couple months ago "The Metis Hunter" contacted while I was webmaster. Over the years, I'd grown to repect this contributor for their insightful, well expressed and written articles. In going through my Archives I came across the following and thought why not? One group has already sent two lists of particulars of those taxpayers opposed to the Manitoba Metis Federation spending more public money suing

The instructions for getting involved and participating are really easy:

(i) If you're opposed to the defamation lawsuit send me ( your name, address, telephone, telephone and if an MMF Member your Local/card number. Your particulars will only be made available to those receiving the master list (i.e. Permier Doer/Prime Minister Harper)

(ii) The MMF has an annual budget of approximately $20 million about 95% of which comes from Ottawa the rest Manitoba. Therefore, if you're a Canadian taxpayer you can participate whether Aboriginal or not

In light of recent events at the Winnipeg Region's Annual General Meeting, we'd like to dedicate this posting to PLAINTIFF and MMF Southeast Vice-President DENISE THOMAS! So what say you readers? Here's "Metis Hunter's" Petition.

Clare L. Pieuk
Hi Clare,

Here is a sample petition that I think would convey the sentiment out there and perhaps help you in your court case. It's just an idea but I think if you can show the Members of the MMF don't feel the organization itself has suffered harm to its reputation by reason of the statements made, then there is no reason for it being involved in a litigation. Anyway, run it by your lawyer for his opinion and dressing up of the wording.

Take Care,
The Metis Hunter

We, the undersigned, being voting members of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc., do hereby make request and say that:

(1) Whereas the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors elected by its Members and

(2) Whereas we believe that all Members of theManitoba Metis Federation Inc. have the democratic right to speak to any issue(s) relating to our representation by the Mantioba Metis Federation Inc.

(3) Whereas the Board of Directors of the Manitoba Metis Federation:

(i) Is currently involved in litigation against the owner and the operator of the internet website known as

(ii) At least two of our Members are being sued for statements made and published on said internet site

(iii) That a majority of theManitoba Metis Federation Board of Directors feel the wording of the petition to be insulting and/or deemed injurious to their reputations and that of the organization they purportedly represent

(iv) Whereas in our estimation the esteemed reputation of the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. is intact and has not been diminished in any way by statements made and published on at anytime in the past

(v) Whereas we are of the opinion that if any of the Members of the Board of Directors feel their reputation(s) have been negatively impacted upon in any way by statements made and published on, then those Directors should be advancing litigation on their own using personal funds and taxpayer dollars

Therefore we request and make known to all citizens that we protest the involvement of our organization, the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. in the litigation against, its owners, operators and contributors in any way whatsoever.

Strictly Private/Confidential
Local (if applicable):
Card Number (if applicable):


Anonymous Anonymous said...

(i) Is currently involved in litigation against the owner and the operator of the internet website known as

You would have to reword this part above. You should make it : former webmaster. By stating the above you are stating that Terry was the owner and operator it brings into it a hint that you as one of the plaintiffs are saying you had nothing to with the postings made on css.

(ii) At least two of our Members are being sued for statements made and published on said internet site.

This part should say "two members in good standing with the MMF are being sued." By the "at least" you bring into question that there are more than those stated above in the legal action

9:10 PM  

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