Saturday, March 25, 2006

"The Metis Hour Times Two Report" - sponsored by your "ABC Committee!"

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

This is being written as the MHX2 is in progress. By the way, the ABC is "Anyone But Chartrand." Highlights so far:

(1) David Chartrand has arrived from the Winnipeg Region's Annual General Meeting and taken over the program from host Ray ("I cut Derryl Sanderson off on the radio!") St. Germain. Co-defendant Terry Behumeur was asked by WRO Vice-President Ron Chartrand to Chair it, however, that decision is by vote so if Mr. Chartrand turned up with enough of his supporters someone else could have been appointed. Not doubt webmaster Belhumeur will file his report shortly on

(2) President Chartrand had breakfast this morning with Winnipeg South Member of Parliament Rod Bruinooge (Parliamentary Secretary to Indian Affairs And Northern Development Canada Minister Jim Prentice) raising his concerns about commercial/recreational fishing in Manitoba. Mr. Chartrand's commercial fishing license number is W51

(3) Mr. Chartrand expressed his concern to Dan Vandal, Member of a Partnership Committee which allocates money to Winnipeg Metis, that not enough funding was being made available. For example, of the 27 Winnipeg Locals only one received $10,000 last year. The only other recipient was The Metis Club ($26,000) which Yvon Dumont was instrumental in establishing and which has met with great success

(4) The land claims case opens in Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Monday April 3, 2006 and is expected to last six months. The President estimated the trial will cost $500,000. The good news is there will be a mortgage burning ceremony shortly to celebtate ownership of the $5 million Home Office located at 150 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg. According to Mr. Chartrand, that will provide collateral to pay the legal fees. What he conveniently forgets to mention is the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars already spent under his Presidency to date on this litigation. However, he did offer Dr. Tom Flanagan (Professor, University of Calgary), and Senior Advisor to Prime Minister Harper, who accordingly to David Chartrand advocates Metis have no rights or entitlement to land, may be called to testify for the Defendants (Attorney Generals of Canada and Manitoba)

(5) Sunday evening (5:30) April 2, 2006 there will be a gathering at The Forks behind the Johnston Terminal Building (funded by the Metis National Council) to celebrate the trial's opening. Lots of entertainers including Ray St. Germain and Dave Lavallee from the MHX2 - sorry Derryl (Sanderson) no mention made of you. Wonder why? There will be food (pig roasting), refreshments and fireworks

(6) Monday morning (8:00) there will be a gathering at the Louis Riel Statue behind the Legislature from where a procession will leave for the Provincial Law Courts in time for the opening arguments (10:00 a.m.)

(7) The Metis National Council will be staying over in Winnipeg for their Assembly. The MNC will be honouring John Morriseau a recently born again David Chartrand supporter. He's being recognized as one of the Plaintiffs who triggered this case back in 1981. Nothing about Yvon Dumont's who was also involved!

(8) It's now 1:00 p.m. all's quiet - zzzzzzzzzz. Yikes! David Alert! David Alert! He just left the NCI Studio and was spotted heading back to the Winnipeg Region's Annual General Meeting. Quick guys get all those resolutions/motions passed before he returns to take over!


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