Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Northwest Region's Annual General Meeting!

Dear Webmaster:

Recently a group of us attended the MMF Northwest Region's Annual General Meeting held in Swan River on March 18, 2006. Thought your readers might be interested in a few highlights:

  • Close to 400 members attended and about another 50 or so non members - a lot of Bill C-31's in attendance for the voting of 3 Local Management Board Members
  • David Chartrand arrived after lunch and hee-hawed about the CyberSmokeSignals court case saying Metis Mom was now going to him for help because she realized she needed their assistance
  • No one got up to ask President Chartrand questions - it seemed everyone was scared
  • Denise Thomas read from and spoke about the 14 page Board of Directors Report on CyberSmokeSignals. Once again, no one asked questions
  • David Chartrand said Directors Richard DeLaRonde and Bonnie McIntyre who removed themselves as Plaintiffs could not re-enter the lawsuit
  • Bonnie McIntyre left the meeting before Denise Thomas arrived to address the group. Some members talked with her later that evening and were told had she stayed she may have been asked about the CSS lawsuit and would have had to tell the truth probably losing her job as a result
  • Ms McIntyre said there was a lot of truth posted on CyberSmokeSignals and didn't like the way David Chartrand and his inner circle were managing the damage control situation
  • Later in the afternoon several members were overhead joking outside about getting their $50 cheques for attending and having a drink on the Chartrands (Elbert and David)

Parkland M├ętis
(Descendants of Louis Riel's Right-Hand Man)


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