Friday, March 31, 2006

What does the constitution say about the timing of our next election?

Dear Webmaster:

According to our constitution when does President Chartrand have to announce the date of the next election?

Concerned Metis
Dear Concerned:

Funny you should ask. Was talking with a very reliable source the other day who seemed quite certain the MMF must announce the date no later than April 26, 2006. The vote would then have to take place on or before June 26, 2006.

There has been speculation David Chartrand my try to delay it on the basis he has to be involved in the land claims trial. Problem for him is, the Federation has two or three well paid lawyers on the payroll to look after that sort of thing. Word on the street is the President doesn't want you going to the polls until after the Yvon Dumont and CyberSmokeSignals lawsuits have been resolved. Besides, everyone knows the current administration has already violated your constitution on numerous occasions.


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