Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What's that about?

Dear Webmaster:

I was just reading the March 21, 2006 posting on www.CyberSmokeSignals.com. Reference was made to another Manitoba case of a Metis suing a Metis. Federation lawyer Murray Trachtenberg was also mentioned. Do you know what that's about? Love your new site!

MMF Member - Flin Flon, Manitoba
Dear Flin Flon Member:

Thank you. Not wishing to steal Webmaster Terry Bellhumeur's thunder, here's a subtle hint. Go to www.jus.gov.mb.ca. At the upper left side of the main page is the title, "Court Registry System." Click on the second link ("File Number Search") and enter "CI05-01-42919). Press "Search."

Now tell us what you see? That would be our educated guess.

Clare L. Pieuk


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