Saturday, March 18, 2006

You go girl!

Cameron First Out Of The Gate For Gimli Fall Election
By John Coward
The Interlake Spectator
Friday March 3, 2006

Cameron: Focusses On planning And Policy Development.

Interlake Spectator — With municipal elections just seven months away Judith Cameron feels it’s never too early to begin getting her message out in a bid to capture one of four Gimli Council seats that will be up for grabs in the fall. Cameron, along with her husband Scott and three children, Michael, Daniel and Katie, chose Gimli as their home when Scott, an Air Force Reservist, was transferred from Yellowknife more than five years ago. Since her arrival, Cameron has been actively involved with the Interlake Women’s Resource Centre at the Board level and is currently on a Committee looking to build a spray pool at Gimli Park.

A strong believer in transparency, Cameron feels the current Council has been less than upfront on many of the issues that have arisen over the last few years.“ I object to the many in-camera sessions that take place with this Council. We’re not getting the whole picture,” she said. Cameron says her interest in policy development and governance comes from her background in human resource administration and her experience dealing with people.

“This Council seems to be in reaction mode,” Cameron said, referring to a lack of long-term planning and policy development. Cameron cites the on-going sewage issue as an example of Council’s lack of long-term planning.“ We’ve had a lot of forewarning of the sewage problems but we haven’t dealt with them,” she said. The issues in the Fall election, Cameron feels, will revolve around open and transparent governance, leadership, strategic planning and community involvement.


Blogger Jeff Niederhoffer said...

Go, Judith, go! I can't begin to say how pleased I am that Judith has decided to throw her hat in the ring. As someone who knows Judith and has spoken to her personally, I can vouchsafe as to her energy and commitment to reform.

9:53 PM  

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