Friday, April 21, 2006

Courtroom 114!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Sometimes having good ears while sitting near the front of a courtroom has its advantages:

(1) During a recess Mr. Anders Bruun asked Counselor Trachtenberg for his thoughts on the serious Employment Insurance malfeasance allegations involving the Manitoba Metis Federation which have been appearing on web/blog sites throughout Manitoba. Mr. Trachtenberg replied (I believe this is an exact quote):

"Oh, Anders, you can't believe everything you see on the internet."

(2) Murray Trachtenberg in his submission explicitly noted his clients' were not seeking an adjournment because they were worried this ongoing action could become an election-year issue in the soon to be announced general vote (must be held by June 26, 2006) even suggesting the Plaintiffs believed the lawsuit would likely be THE most important issue in the upcoming campaign.

Whoa, whoa, whoa Plaintiffs and Counselor ..... not quite so fast! Mr. Trachtenberg and I have a court appearance before Madam Justice McCawley (May 1, 2006) at which time I'll be self-represented as a Co-Defendant in a defamation lawsuit brought by the MMF against a Metis specific Winnipeg website. If you don't think that case is going to be a major election issue better give your collective heads a good shake folks!

(3) During his closing arguments, Mr. Bruun noted he had a conversation about the trial with Mr. Dumont on the way to Court earlier today. Manitoba's former Lieutenant-Governor said it would probably be more politically advantageous to hear the case next week and use THAT as the issue in the campaign

(4) In his address to the Court, Mr. Murray Trachtenberg noted Yvon Dumont's recent decision to retain counsel and "to spend at least some money" on a lawyer contrary to his previous statement he would self-represent at trial. Mr. Bruun in his introductory comments had earlier detailed how upon examining the case he was appalled at the injustice of this lawsuit and decided to assist Defendant Dumont essentially pro bono (i.e. free)

(5) Attorney Bruun (opening statement) observed in passing it appeared the idea for this suit came from a letter to the MNC Board written by none other than David Chartrand

(6) Mr. Trachtenberg made reference to the fact David Chartrand in his affidavit listed the various Costs Orders the MMF has registered against Mr. Dumont's property

(7) Once again, much like he had previously done before Master Sharp (February 13, 2006) and Senior Master Lee (March 2, 2006) in the aforementioned defamation lawsuit, Mr. Trachtenberg went into excruciating detail before Madam Justice Keyser regarding the Court cost he could charge for today's appearance ($700 plus disbursements)

(8) Metis Nation of Ontario President Tony Belcourt has been subpoenaed as a Defence witness

(9) There was informal, off the record discussion by knowledgeable sources as to whether David Chartrand should be subpoenaed to testify at trial

Clare L. Pieuk

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