Saturday, April 22, 2006

Listen Up You Chicken Peeping Toms!

Tansi/Good Day Folks:

Highlights from this morning's NCI Radio's "Metis Hour Times Two" sponsored by the Manitoba Metis Federation and your ABC (Anyone But Chartrand) Committee:

(1) "All the negative comment these days on the internet about the current MMF leadership won't fizz me. It's old style politics!" - President David Chartrand

(2) "People have made too much about my hunting lodge in Duck Bay, Manitoba calling it Camp David but jeez the lumber only cost $8,000!" - David Chartrand

(3) "If you steal documents or money from the MMF you will be prosecuted it belongs to the Metis!" - David Chartrand

(4) "People are making too big a deal out of my new home in Duck Bay - it's nothing more than a little renovated school house I stocked with furniture from auctions!" - David Chartrand

(5) "When people comment anonymously on blogs/websites they're just out to hurt people and that's crap!" - David Chartrand

(6) "Instead of all the negative on the internet you should debate what you can change. Not identifying yourself is desperation politics!" - David Chartrand

(7) "Derryl Sanderson thinks he's some kind of Guru of the Opposition!" - David Chartrand

(8) "He was in the audience at last month's Winnipeg Regional Annual General Meeting but did not get up to directly ask me one question!" - David Chartrand

(9) "People who post anonymously on the internet are Chicken!" - David Chartrand

(10) "Yes, you're right David they're like Peeping Toms!" - Ray St. Germain

(11) "Will Goodon's harvester card court challenge begins May 8, 2006 in Brandon!" - Al Benoit (Conveniently forgot to also mention The Honourable Yvon Dumont goes on Trial Monday April 24, 2006)

So all you Chicken Peeping Toms out there - stand up, be counted identify yourself and get sued by the MMF plus receive a complementary visit from The Winnipeg Police Service!



Blogger said...

It's of note that Ray St germain cut me off on one occasion stating Metis Hour was not for political comments, my how things can change when you want to be a hypocrite or support david....chickens ?? peeping toms ?? Is that not trashy and classless ??? Lost in the "Derryl slam" was the fact I phoned to offer these documents the day after I received them, then I waited 6 or 7 days for any response, which of course came from the police.. I have received numerous calls of support today...thanks to all. I m a big boy, I can handle all this. Chartrand and St Germain's comments today were misleading to the Metis of Manitoba and possibly slanderous

2:12 PM  

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