Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More trial coverage!

Dumont Broke Deal, Court Told
By Dan Lett
Winnipeg Free Press
Tuesday April 25, 2006
Page B3

Former Manitoba Lt. Gov. Yvon Dumont breached a contract with the Metis National Council when he ran in the last Manitoba Metis Federation election despite having promised to say out of elected politics for two years a Court of Queen's Behch trial heard yesterday.

The Metis National Council (MNC) is suing Dumont and is seeking $47,000 in damages, a sum equal to the salary and benefits he received in 2002 for serving as its national governor.

The MNC is a national Metis political organziation, the membes of which are the provincial Metis organizations from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Clement Chartier, president of the MNC, said Dumont was appappointed governor of the Metis nation in 1999 after he had finished his five year-yer term as Manitoba's lieutenant governor. The position was largely ceremonial and intended to promote Metis culture across Canada.

Two Years

Court heard yesterday the MNC set down terms of reference for Dumont in early 2002 which required him, among other things, to remain out of elected Metis politics for two years after he left his national position.

Chartier told the court the terms were implemented after Dumont had run unsuccessfully to become president of the MNC in 2001. Many Metis leaders believed it was inappropriate for the governor to be involved in elected potitics, he added.

Dumont ultimately resigned as governor in January 2003 and within a week had declared his intention to run for president of the Manitoba Metis Federation against incumbent David Chartrand.

Under cross-examination by Anders Bruun,the lawyer representing Dumont, Chartier conirmed the MNC did nothing to stop Dumont form running against Chartrand. Chartier also confirmed that if Dumont had won - he lost by only 20 votes - the MNC would probably have welcomed him as a member of the board of governors as head of the MMF.

Bruun also suggested in cross-examination the MNC failed to have Dumont sign an oath of office based on the new terms of reference imposed more than two years after he first took up the post as governor.

Chartier confirmed that no oath of office was signed, and no efforts were made to swear him in under the new terms of reference.

The trial is expected to finish this week.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paper read "Dumont Broke Deal" It should have read "M.N.C. Broke Deal".
Reason being, how can an organization hire someone under certain conditions then expect to change the conditions after 2 years without a change in pay wether higher or lower. A deal is a deal until the condition of the deal change. Then there is no deal till a new deal is agreed and signed by both parties. The deal was terminated the minute M.N.C. wrote the new term of refrences. So,who broke the deal?

3:57 PM  

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