Friday, April 28, 2006

Mr. President Chartrand, Sir, is that you?

Dear Webmaster:

Clare, you're slipping. You still haven't informed your readers of yesterday's events in court. Many people are waiting to hear from you.

Dear D C,

Sorry for the delay but a lot is happening very quickly behind the scenes. Shortly I'll be leaving to attend the trial. Today will be devoted to closing arguments. I'll have more to say about yesterday's proceedings soon. Suffice it to say for now Yvon Dumont had another very strong day. Under intense cross-examination he held up very well indeed againt Murray Trachtenberg's onslaught. Counselor Trachtenberg came nowhere even remotely close to landing any fatal blows!

Anonymous Chicken, Peeping Tom Blogger
(You can't be too careful these days!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
This messeage is for you and not to be posted. Thank you.
Well, it's been a long interesting week and somewhat sad at the end. Not because of the trial. After spending 5 days sitting next to you in court and talking regularly, it all ended sudden. You were good company and I will miss that. When we drove away, I felt bad I hadn't shaked your hand. At the time I was thinking I was going to see you shortly like we had all week. But as I drove away, I relized I wouldn't be seeing you again for awhile and felt bad for not shaking your hand. This is the first time I have felt the importance of a handshake and I appologize for not shaking yours. As for Jeff and Anders, I knew I would not be seeing them anytime soon so I felt a hand shake was in order. Next time I see you , I will shake your hand twice. I wish you all the best at your trial and let me know the dates so I can come down and give you some support. Things should start to change now and I hope DC sees that and drops that useless law suit against you. By the way, nice posting on todays court events.
Stay in touch and I will chat with you later.
Dave tooooo young to be elder.

11:18 PM  

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