Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Please support "The Dave Has To Go Election Team" - contact davehastogo@hotmail.com!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

The following article has appeared anonynmously (Must be one of David Chartrand and Ray St. Germain's "Chicken Peeping Tom Bloggers!) on www.derrylsanderson.blogspot.com and www.CyberSmokeSignals.com. Other locations where you will find interesting comment on the current MMF President's leadership and that of his Board of Directors include www.dustmybroom.com, www.metisvoices.com and www.randydelaronde.blogspot.com.

There is no copyright protection on any of these sites, including this one, so you can print and distribute their postings to whomever you wish. We encourage you to do so and please support "The David Has To Go Election Team" by contacting davehastogo@hotmail.com.

Clare L. Pieuk
Monday April 24, 2006

From: The David Has To Go Election Team!

A word to the wise. These blogs only reach about 5% of our Metis people. It will be the job of those few to take information which we will be posting on these sites, print them, make copies then pass them along to each Metis in every little community. That is the way we will achieve our goal to effectively change the current President and Board. I am sure David Chartrand realizes we do not reach everyone and thus fears little from us. The fact the media picks up on articles is not good for him but he practices damage control on "his" media outlet every Saturday (NCI Radio).

It is time to identify at least one internet computer person in all the Metis communities. If you are that individual please e-mail davidhastogo@hotmail.com. We will confirm your sincerity and the rest will be history. This is not an attempt to demonize anyone so if that is your goal please move on. We are here to ensure a fair Metis government for all.


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