Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The trial - day 2!

Tansi/Good Day Readers:

Those who stopped by today included:

Arnold Asham ("Grassroots News")
Clem Chartier
Carl Chartrand
Lionel Chartrand
Darrel Deslauriers
Grace/Walter Menard
Oliver Monkman
Don Roulette
Plus a few others (didn't recognize)

The highlights:

(1) It was pretty much a standoff with neither side making any significant gains

(2) Gerald Morin took the stand for the Plaintiffs but on numerous occasions had difficulty recalling specific details. At one point he noted a previous difficulty with chemical dependancy. When Counselor Trachtenberg began questioning the former Metis National Council President on the matter Justice Menzies cut him off ruling his line of questioning was irrelevant. Nothing earth shattering came out of his testimony

(3) Next up was Alberta Metis National President Audrey Poitras. When asked by His Lord she confirmed had Yvon Dumont won when he ran for MNC President he would have had to resign as Governor of the Metis Nation. Under cross-examination by Anders Bruun, Ms Poitras admitted she had nominated Mr. Dumont as a candidate for the Metis National Council Presidency. However, there seems to be an issue with one aspect of her testimony

(4) DRUM ROLL - ALL RISE ..... thank you! Enter David Chartrand. It was like listening to "The Metis Hour Times Two" minus sidekick Ray St. Germain - lots of talk but not much substance

(5) Lionel Chartrand was singled out again for honourable mention. It seems while he was assisting Regan Thatcher with the preparation of Yvon Dumont's defence he also had a consulting contract with the MMF. Should be interesting to see for whom he casts his ballot come the next election. Perhaps he should give David Chartrand one half and Yvon Dumont the other

Tomorrow: two key witnesses for the Defence.

Clare L. Pieuk


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