Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Trial - day 3!

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Arnold Asham (Publisher, Grassroots News)
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Dave Charette
Lionel Chartrand
Grace/Walter Menard

The Highlights:

(1) Before proceedings began I formally served Counselor Trachtenberg with an affidavit for our May 1, 2006 hearing before Justice McCawley in the MMF's defamation lawsuit against - it will be posted shortly

(2) Tony Belcourt, President Metis Nation of Ontario and Metis National Council Governor was leadoff witness for the Defence. He testified MNC President Clem Chartier stated during a mid-2001 meeting the Saskatchewan delegation would never recognize Yvon Dumont as the legitimate Governor of the Metis Nation. Further, he told Mr. Dumont the terms of reference (i.e. his employment contract) would not be valid until Manitoba's former Lieutenant Governor had sworn and signed an Oath of Office

(3) Next up Yvon Dumont. His direct examination was skillfully conducted by Campbell Marr's Jeffrey J. Niederhoffer. Mr. Dumont's testimony could best be described as precise, knowledgeable and compelling delivered in a convincingly honest, sincere and powerful manner. Although he went into significant detail on several occasions, Justice Menzies rarely interrupted other than to seek clarification. Even Mr. Trachtenberg fell noticeably silent

(4) Mr. Dumont noted on February 25, 2003 Lionel Chartrand wrote to Metis Nation of Alberta President and MNC Governor Audrey Poitras suggesting The Council had no basis for a lawsuit against the Defendant

(5) Defendant Dumont stated if the MMF and President Chartrand were so concerned about his eligibility to run in the 2003 MMF election they/he could have simply filed a formal complaint with then Chief Electoral Officer retired provincial judge Alvin Hamilton. He offered this was never done because it would have been a cheap way to challenge him whereas a lawsuit would cost a lot more

(6) The Defendant suggested on several occasions his treatment at the hands of certain MNC Members was both embarrassing and humilating

(7) The testimonies of Messrs. Belcourt and Dumont appeared to be seamless containing no discrepancies

Tomorrow Murray Trachtenberg will cross-examine Yvon Dumont. After that each side will present their closing arguments. Formal proceedings should conclude tomorrow or possibly Friday morning. Every Justice is different - His Lord may decide to render a decision immediately or call both Parties back to Court in a few days to advise them.

Prognosis: The Plaintiffs' case is going sideways fast and they know it!

Clare L. Pieuk


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