Friday, April 21, 2006

What would you have done?

Dear Webmaster:

Mr Guibouche, it doesn't matter what corporation - any files pertaining to personal information, such as was allegedly copied or stolen are indeed confidential. Even if there are discrepancies and evidence of law breaking they are still confidential and those in possession can be prosecuted. A good example are provincial agencies which now need a signed letter to release even your address. The MMF is no different.

Dear Anonymous:

Don't think anyone would question, especially given today's privacy laws, the right of employee information (e.g. medical, career related, etc.) to remain confidential. However, what if, as being reported on the intenet, the documents in question strongly suggest possible corporate malfeasance? Should the Winnipeg Police Service blindly, dutifully and blithely return them to MMF headquarters no questions asked? Or are they legally, ethically and morally obliged to either initiate an investigation or turn the file over to an empowered Agency such as Employment Insurance? The problem with the example cited is it's far too simple, obvious, limited and limiting.

Had the material come into your possession by whatever means, what would you have done - hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil? Turning a blind eye to look the other way has its limitations. This case may indeed be one of them.

For many months now the rumours, speculation and innunendo about information/document leaks at MMF headquarters have been rampant - it's almost as though it has reached epidemic proportions! Why? Could it be many employees are angry and frustrated with how they been treated over the past several years? Perhaps they witness wrongdoing and feel an ethical, moral and professional need to vent their concerns for the greater good of the organization? Of course, they could stand up to speak out but it's well known if they value their jobs ..... this is a very repressive regime! In such circumstances the incidences of unmarked, brown paper envelopes invariably proliferates. It's no more complicated than that!


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