Monday, April 17, 2006

Where are all the prospective Metis leaders?

Dear Webmaster:

  • They must be out there somewhere?
  • Can anyone point out who they are - female/male?
  • Are you of the opinion what we have now is OK?
  • Mediocrity is alive and well in the MMF and Metis Womens Association!
  • It appears the Metis folks out there accept this as normal!
  • A ......... ........ Board of Directors!
  • Very sad the Metis who sold their souls to the MMF power structure - yes you know who your are!
  • MMF reduced to a program calling itself a Nation!
  • Just because you wrap yourself in a Metis sash does not make you one!
  • The weak ........ link ........ MMF Board of Directors!

    Fortunat Guiboche


Dear Mr. Guiboche:

Sorry we had to edit your e-mail in a couple places because MMF lawyer Murray Trachtenberg who is suing for alleged defamation is also closely monitoring this site along, of course, with his trusty Assistant and "Head Affiant/Deponent" (Wonder what he'll do soon when he can't use Oliver Boulette any more?) Louise Coulombe. No doubt the dynamic duo are watching any pages critical of the current Federation leadership. My Mother has an expression, "Don't you have better things to do with your time?"

Abraham Lincoln said it best, "In the end people get the kind of government they deserve." Sit back, don't get involved and look what happens.


Clare L. Pieuk


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